MAGFAST Fingerprint Turns Product Verification Into So Much More

Counterfeiting is more widespread than ever before, with massive quantities of fake goods flooding almost every industry, from fashion to consumer electronics, all over the world. When it comes to chargers and cables, this is an especially big problem, as they can damage your devices, void your warranty, and leave you with little recourse – especially when dealing with shady online retailers.  And with power banks – which contain potentially lethal battery chemistry – the stakes are even higher.

To solve this problem, MAGFAST CEO Seymour Segnit has gone beyond simply ensuring that all of the company’s elegant chargers are enrolled in Amazon’s transparency program, which is designed to prevent counterfeit goods from being sold by the company and make it easy for customers to authenticate their products.

Segnit and his team have gone to the next level and created MAGFAST Fingerprint™ – a unique ID on every single device manufactured in the MAGFAST Family. Fingerprint encodes unique, a one-in-a-billion cipher into a fingerprint-shaped QR code that can be scanned with any smartphone camera or app to get access to a multitude of features, including:

Confirmation of Product Authenticity

As with human fingers, no two of these product Fingerprints are the same, so the second you scan, MAGFAST’s secure database is able to confirm that your product is authentic. (Counterfeiters can’t guess the codes and any reproduced on more than one product immediately becomes invalid).

In addition to proving that your MAGFAST products are the genuine high-quality article, Fingerprint will provide you with detailed manufacturing information for your item, letting you know exactly where and when it was made.

Product Benefits

Easily lookup service and warranty information, access videos showing you how to use your products, and easily find explainers demonstrating exactly what makes MAGFAST the best charging devices in the world. There’s extras like contests to win free MAGFAST devices, and you can also purchase new MAGFAST devices from within the Fingerprint system at a discount, adding new authenticated devices to your MAGFAST Family.

Lost and Found

Everyone loses chargers. It’s all but inevitable that we leave our bricks plugged into walls and forget to grab them (or have them stolen). Or leave a power bank on a plane or train. Or lend one to someone who forgets to give it back when they’re done charging or simply misplace them.

So as a free benefit for MAGFAST users, Fingerprint makes it easy to get your lost device back. Each MAGFAST device instructs the person who finds it to scan the QR code, which makes it easy to arrange to return the device to MAGFAST, who will, in turn, send it back to you. The finder receives a reward for doing so, and you get your device back for free, so everybody wins. To make matters even better, this system is designed with your safety and security in mind, ensuring that finders never see your full name, mailing address, or any of your important personal details.

End of Life Product Information

MAGFAST is on a mission to create the world’s greenest, cleanest chargers. By scanning your Fingerprint at the end of your device’s life, you can find out how to safely and cleanly recycle your MAGFAST charger, keeping harmful chemicals and metals out of the environment.

For all of these reasons, we think Fingerprint is yet another game-changing innovation from MAGFAST and further proof that CEO Seymour Segnit is going above and beyond to create the very best customer experience possible.

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Originally published at on February 15, 2020.

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