Major Company to Oppose Age Tax

By AARP, Special for   USDR

AARP today launched a campaign against the “age tax,” a proposed unfair penalty on older adults that would line the pockets of big insurance companies, allowing them to charge older Americans over $3,000 more than they currently pay per year. AARP launched a new series of advertising that will also appear in numerous Congressional districts when members of Congress return home for President’s Day  week.

“AARP urges Congress and the administration to reject the proposed ‘age tax’ bill,” said AARP Executive Vice President Nancy LeaMond. “This so called “age rating” proposal is Washington speak for an unfair tax increase that only helps insurance companies. AARP will fight to hold our elected officials accountable for taxing older American families with a burden they don’t deserve and can’t  afford.”

In its current form, the age tax legislation, HR 708, would penalize middle class American families by changing current law to allow health insurance companies to charge older Americans up to five times more in insurance premiums than other people, a large increase from current law which already allows companies to charge three times more. This proposal would have a severe impact on Americans aged 50-64 who have not yet become eligible for Medicare, and who may also have children under age 26 on their health insurance  plans.

A report released by AARP’s Public Policy Institute, Impact of Changing the Age Rating Limit for Health Insurance Premiums, also more specifically shows that changing the 3:1 limit on age rating to 5:1 would significantly raise premiums by as much as $3200 for older  adults.

AARP’s latest efforts come in addition to their continued advocacy of members of Congress and the Trump administration about the age tax. AARP continues to meet with members of Congress and urge them to oppose the age tax, laying out in detail the negative impact in letters this month and in December. The ads also come as an addition to AARP’s Medicare campaign, which takes on “premium support,” a proposal that would harm Medicare beneficiaries by turning the successful program into a private voucher  program.

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