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By Ariadne Capital, Special for  USDR

Julie Meyer Addresses a Leading Business Audience in Malta about How Entrepreneurs Solve Society’s Problems with Technology, Vision and New Operating  Models

Speaking at the Xara Lodge to a leading group of business people in MaltaJulie Meyer, the CEO of Ariadne Capital, which recently acquired Portcullis Asset Management in Malta, spoke on Why Malta?  An Outsider  Insiders View of Building an Investment Firm in  Malta.

As one of the World Economic Forum’s Global Leaders for Tomorrow, a former INSEAD Board Director and MBA ’97D as well as a recipient of the MBE in the United Kingdom for her services to entrepreneurship, Ms. Meyer remarked on the importance of embracing potential entrepreneurs as the courageous problem-solvers of  society.

As the founder of Ariadne Capital sixteen years ago, she discussed Malta’s adaptability and its ‘fitness gene’ resulting from a combination of thousands of years of thriving despite different regimes and conquests, a strong ability to organise itself against incoming as well as on-coming threats and the ability to integrate different models, people and  frameworks.

Ms. Meyer identified a challenge that she believes the EU is facing today which entrepreneurs can solve – that of Digital Identity  Management.

Malta can lead in Digital Identity Management. The individuals digital profile or actual footprint has not kept pace with the free flow of people across the EU due to the Schengen accord and zone . As a result, bad actors like the one that I mentioned in my presentation who appear to have dodged authorities in three jurisdictions, committed plain fraud in various sectors, leaving a trail of debts, and who have been put in charge of an infant despite documented mental illness, domestic violence, child abuse and a Family Court report arise.  This doesnt need to be the case when entrepreneurs and concerned citizens put their heads together, and leverage technology, APIs, networks. Maltas understanding of registries, and the courage and leadership of its people to tackle real problems in this jurisdiction, and then roll -out the solution across the EU is limitless. It will tackle the tough issues and create models for the EU. Malta can and will lead in Digital Identity Management, said Julie  Meyer.

Ms. Meyer went on to discuss how Malta has been on the verge of ‘Great’ for twenty years. She believes that as a country, Malta sets goals and achieves them, attracting major entrepreneurs for more than for just tax  reasons.

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