Malaysia Air's Disappearance: Why We Need Answers

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By US Daily Review.



Following the disappearance of the Malaysian airline jet, the world has been fixed on this troubling story.  Many of the family members of those who have been lost are still in denial regarding the fate of their loved ones.  US Daily Review has interviewed several authorities on why it is so important to people to have some resolution over what happened in regards to this mystery plane.



“The missing plane is an incident that needs to be resolved for two reasons…”



The missing plane is an incident that needs to be resolved for two reasons.



First is determine the cause of the incident in order to prevent it from
recurring. Without the physical plane it will be impossible to assess
exactly what happened and what preventive measures to take going forward
to prevent a similar incident from happening at another point in the future.



The second reason is to assign responsibility for the cause of the
disappearance for financial restitution, fines and to assign ownership
for finding, implementing and paying for a permanent fix to prevent the
issue from happening.



Abdul A Jaludi, Co-Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer*, is an
expert in incident management and command centers. He is the author of
two books, The Art of Process Improvement and the Command Center
Handbook and was the winner of a global innovation contest looking for
the best idea for the future of banking.



“To mitigate the increased fear” around air travel…



One reason it is important to find the missing



Malaysia Air plane, is to mitigate the increased fear of flying that



air travelers are feeling all over the world because of its mysterious
disappearance. (
Another reason it’s important is to give closure to the friends and
relatives of Malaysia Air passengers. The cold-hearted texts and
insincere deflecting that Malaysia has been doing, is only
creating more frustration and anger. People feel they are being lied
to because there is, in fact, no proof that the plane crashed into the
ocean. And, even if it did, it still leaves the unanswered
question, “Why?” This smells of terrorism – from the pilot’s home
flight simulator with deleted content to the co-pilot’s, “Goodnight.”
And everyone will be on edge until the mystery is solved.
Carole Lieberman M.D.
America’s Psychiatrist
Media Psychiatrist and Bestselling Author



“Plays an integral role in solidifying international public relations efforts to reduce the fear of terrorism…”



I am a Los Angeles based Public Relations Consultant. Finding Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 plays an integral role in solidifying international public relations efforts to reduce fears of terrorism. In addition to convincing consumers that the aircraft’s demise will be studied to prevent future plight, piecing the story together is essential to alleviating fears, especially amongst Americans who still reel from the terror of 9/11.



The travel industry relies upon the public’s trust. And while an overwhelming percentage of flights encounter safe excursions, it only takes one incident to disrupt public trust. While the public can accept the minuscule risk of a crash, they cannot accept a mysterious disappearance without a trace of the passengers and the aircraft’s remains.



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Farrah Parker, M.A.
FD Parker & Associates
Strategic Marketing & Public Relations
Instagram: LeavUrImge2fdp



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