March Planned to Oppose Iran Deal

By March to Save  America

March To Save America, a bi-partisan group of advocates to keep America strong, is announcing a co-sponsored, joint demonstration in opposition to the Iran nuclear deal on September 9, 2015, 2:00 pm at the Washington D.C. Capitol building, west side, with the expressed purpose of convincing congress to reject the treaty with a veto proof majority. The group believes, in addition to facilitating a massive increase in funding for Iran’s worldwide terror campaign, the current agreement gives Iran two pathways to build a nuclear  bomb.

An acceptable deal must require stringent restrictions, including inspections without notice at all locations within Iran and complete disclosure of military nuclear weapons development to date,” says March To Save America Committee Chairman Barry Nussbaum. “Iran’s sanctions relief has to be over time, not immediate, based upon proven compliance by Iran over a significant duration of time. We want complete dismantling of the military components of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, so that Iran has no path, either surreptitious or otherwise, for development of a nuclear weapon. In addition, the release of funds to Iran must be accompanied by a structure that prevents Iran’s worldwide funding of their terror activities. None of these requirements is part of the deal as it is currently  written.”

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz has joined the March To Save America saying: “The Iran deal is bad for peace, for America and for our allies. There are alternatives that decrease the chance that Iran will obtain a nuclear arsenal. We must exercise our constitutional right to petition our government for assurances that Iran will never be allowed to develop nuclear weapons.” Dershowitz recently published a book entitled “The Case against the Iran Deal” available on Kindle and  Amazon.

The sole purpose of March To Save America is to unite people from all across America, from all walks of life, creed and political affiliation, by marching to oppose and kill the Iran nuclear  deal.

Barry Nussbaum is the committee chairman of March To Save America and is publisher of The Barry Nussbaum Report at

Alan Dershowitz is Harvard Law Professor Emeritus and the author of The Case Against The Iran Deal” available on

March To Save America takes place on September 9, 2015, 2:00 pm at the Washington D.C. Capitol building, west side. For more information about location, schedule and online activities please visit:

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