Mass Murder at Oregon Community College

A Media Wrap UP

By   USDR.

Umpqua Community College is a posted Gun Free Zone but allows concealed carry under Oregon law. The college security page states the  following:

“Possession, use, or threatened use of firearms (including but not limited to BB guns, air guns, water pistols, and paint guns) ammunition, explosives, dangerous chemicals, or any other objects as weapons on college property, except as expressly authorized by law or college regulations, is  prohibited.

Possession of knives with a blade longer than 4” is  prohibited.

Brandishing weapons is  prohibited.

Misuse of personal defensive weapons – e.g., pepper spray, etc. is prohibited. The owner is responsible and accountable for any misuse of these  devices.”

The college is located on the North Umpqua River and serves Roseburg and the greater Douglas County area. The college was established in 1964 and educates close to 20,000 full and part-time students… (read  more)

Former US Marshall: “Gun Free Zone” Leads to Mass Shooting

During an October 1 appearance on CNN’s Newroom, former US Marshal Art Roderick said the gunman at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College probably chose his target by knowing it was as gun free-zone and therefore “an easy  target.”

Roderick’s exact words: “[The gunman] probably knew that the facility was a gun free facility, [which is] an easy target for these kinds of coward individuals. They know they’re not going to get any… (read  more)

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