Maximise Your ROI At Your Next Exhibition


For every single booth owner, the goal is the same – to get a maximum ROI, although this is easier said than done, and with that in mind, this article is written for those who look back after the show is over and wonder where they went wrong. One cannot afford to take chances on any aspect on our presentation, and your business is basically in a fishbowl, with potential customers parading past, and if the stand doesn’t have real appeal, you will end up as an also ran, no matter how good your sales people  are.

Top Notch Design


If you really want to impress, go for a stunning modular creation, and if you are looking for exhibition stand hire in the UK, Aspect Exhibitions can help, as they are a market leader with a very impressive list of clients, and with a team like this in your corner, make sure you have more than enough presentation packs! Simply put, the only difference between a sit down and a walk-by, is the design and look of your stand, and a professional contractor would have their design team work closely with you, to ensure the right image is created, and while it might be a little more expensive that a smaller, local company, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and the final sales figure should reflect  this.

Online Solutions


The Internet has changed the way we live, in every way, and if you want to make contact with the right modular exhibition stand contractor, a Google search is all it takes. Once you have a list of potential contractors, don’t bother to look any further that their client list.  This will tell you a lot about them in terms of performance, and if the list is peppered with well-known multi-nationals, your search is  over.

Sales Staff


The final piece of the puzzle is, of course, those on the front line. You do want to field your very best team at any exhibition, as the conditions are right, and if your floor space is appealing, it’s all down to your sales team. Every sales manager should be taking active steps to improve all their team member’s conversion rates, and don’t forget the daily pep talk, before the doors open, as this can really make a difference. If, by some tiny chance, you are not convinced of the importance of sales training, refer to sales articles online that were written with you in  mind.

Obviously, you sit down after every show and look at your ROI, and if the result is not what you had in mind, talk to a market leader in exhibition stand design, and your next venue is sure to exceed your expectations. From initial design to completion, your vision will be well represented, and with an expert on site during the show, you can be sure of a smooth event, and can focus on creating the many enquiries you will surely  experience.

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