Media Have More Important Things to Do than Dwell on Chris Christie


Over the last few days, a bombshell has been dropped right in the middle of Chris Christie’s dream to run for the Republican nomination for president.

Emails have been released involving appointees of Chris Christie’s to the New York New Jersey port authority and members in his office revealing that, as a planned political dirty trick the port authority closed Lanes going on to the George Washington bridge that backed up traffic into Fort Lee, New Jersey creating traffic jams that lasted for hours.

Apparently, it was a ploy by people on Chris Christie’s staff to punish the mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey because he did not support Chris Christie in his reelection for governor.

For the listeners of the Conservative Commandos Radio Show and my Facebook friends, they know that I am not a fan of Chris Christie. In fact, one of my greatest fears is this RINO will actually get the Republican nomination for president. I believe that would be a disaster for the Republican Party and anyone who believes in this country and the conservative movement.

However, another disgrace is how the mainstream media are handling this story. NBC, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and every other mainstream media political outlet has absolutely been falling over themselves to report the story.

The media are falling all over themselves not just here in New Jersey but nationally talking about the big bad bully Chris Christie!!!

I agree Chris Christie is a bully. It’s easy to be a bully when you’re surrounded by six state troopers. However, the amount of coverage of this story is an embarrassment when you compare it to the lack of coverage about the Obama scandals of Benghazi, Fast and Furious, NSA spying on citizens, and the IRS harassing conservative groups.

No one died on the George Washington Bridge because of lane closures. However, four Americans died in Benghazi, our consulate was attacked ransacked and burned by our enemies. People who want to kill Americans. People that want to end the western way of life. People that want to end Christianity. And, yet, the media don’t want to talk about that. All the media wants to talk about is how people were late for dinner.

The media don’t wanna talk about Fast and Furious and how the Justice Dept. allowed guns to go back into Mexico, and how at least one American border guard was killed and how, potentially, these guns have been used in numerous crimes. No!!! What they wanna talk about is how a school bus was stopped on the bridge.

All the media wanna talk about is how terrible it is for people in the governor’s office to use their power to inconvenience the people of Fort Lee New Jersey. But they don’t ever talk about how Barack Obama and the White House have used their political power to harass and destroy lives using the all mighty power of the IRS.

As I said, I am not an ally of Chris Christie. I have, for the last five or six years, used my radio show, the Internet, and social media to try to expose what a RINO Chris Christie is. I just wish the mainstream media would use their power and their tools to investigate the true scandals that are harming America today.

Closing a couple of lanes on a bridge, inconveniencing people is a terrible dirty political trick. But, allowing Americans to be killed, allowing this country to be invaded, allowing a branch of the Federal government to harass people and destroyed lives? I will leave it to your judgment, to your good common sense to figure out where the real story really is. Chris Christie is not the first politician to punish his enemies. His very good friend, Barack Obama, taught him that lesson when he said we need to reward our friends and punish our enemies. Chris Christie is nothing but a fast learner.

Several years ago there was a movie out called Dave. In this movie, a character impersonator was playing the part of a president who was incapacitated by a stroke. In this movie, Dave, who was playing the part of the president, was confronted, by scandals involving the real president and his chief of staff. This character said something very important. “If you have a scandal that’s all people seem to want to talk about. And, it is impossible to get any real work done.”

Well, yes, now we do have scandals to talk about don’t we? And, yes, there needs to be an investigation into how far up in Chris Christie’s office this scheme to shut down lanes on the George Washington bridge goes. I agree that media should and must do their part to investigate and unveil the truth and who was involved. However, they must not be blind out of one eye, yet see clearly out of the other!!! As hard as they are going at Chris Christie who was a Republican, they need to use the same zeal to go after all crooked politicians – Democrat or Republican.

And, just when you think when things cannot get any more ridiculous, the left and the liberal media are now piling on with charges that there should be an investigation into Chris Christie using Federal hurricane Sandy money to produce ads featuring Chris Christie and his family promoting tourism in New Jersey!!!

In the ads, Christie and his family were standing on the beach saying that “We are stronger than the storm!!!” Referring to the state’s recovery from hurricane Sandy. The ads were very professionally and tastefully done, promoting the rebirth of the Jersey shore and tourism after the devastation of hurricane Sandy. Even I, who has been criticizing Chris Christie and his liberal ways, felt very proud!!! In no way were the ads political.

Let’s use a little common sense here. Chris Christie is the most recognizable face in the state. He is the Rudy Giuliani or the Arnold Schwarzenegger of New Jersey. You remember those pictures of Christie and Barack Obama walking arm-in-arm down the New Jersey Shore? They disgusted me, but millions of people saw all those pictures and also the devastation created by Hurricane Sandy.

Who else would the liberals and the media rather see represent the Jersey Shore and its recovery? Snookie and her posse???

Tourism is the largest industry in New Jersey. Wouldn’t you think that the best use of Federal money would be to utilize the most recognizable person associated with the state? Believe me, I am no fan of Governor Chris Christie. I believe he is a RINO of the first degree and his liberal record proves that out!!! !!! But there is no one who represents the state of New Jersey and tourism and better than the Gov. Chris Christie is a braggart; he is a big mouth bully!! But, for some reason, people love him. I don’t understand, it but they do!!!

So, for those who want to investigate the governor and the use of Federal money to promote New Jersey and its beaches, I believe the better use of their time would be to investigate why the four Americans were allowed to die in Benghazi. Why the NSA is investigating Americans. Why Barack Obama allowed guns to be smuggled back into Mexico under the jurisdiction of the Justice Department. Why Barack Obama used the IRS to punish his enemies. And, why Barack Obama lied over 40 times about how “If you like your insurance and your doctor, you can keep them.”

Let’s get answers to those questions and then we can audit how the money for the relief from Hurricane Sandy was spent!!!

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