Media Seek Science to Blame Brian’s Brain for Falsehood

By MRCTV, Special for  USDR.

Media are scrambling to find a scientific reason to let discredited NBC anchor Brian Williams off the hook for his false claim he was in a helicopter that was shot down in  Iraq.

Here are some of the theories they’ve put forth to blame his falsehood on neurology, instead of a willful attempt to  deceive:

    • The New York Times argues that Brian fell victim to “the nature of memory” by making multiple “1% enhancements” over time that ultimately resulted in a very different  story.

    • CNN posted a commentary by Dr. Ford Vox to suggest that Williams tricked himself into a false memory due to “cell division  errors.”

    • PBS cites a study saying that researchers, through interview coercion, were able to create false memories in people – such as that they had committed  crimes.

    • PBS also points to a Feb. 4 piece in The New Yorker boldly titled, “You Have No Idea What Happened” to blame Brian’s hippocampus for altering his  memory.

    • L.A. Times cites a memory researcher to suggest Williams was “convinced of these made-up memories through the power of  suggestion.”

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