Meet Sissy Lappin, Houston Prestige Properties Editor


Lappin is the New Prestige Properties Editor

Kevin Price, Publisher and Editor in Chief for US Daily Review has announced that Sissy Lappin of Lappin Properties fame will become the new Prestige Properties Editor for USDR. “Sissy Lappin knows what she’s talking about when it comes to selling homes,” Kevin Price said in making his announcement.

As a 28-year veteran of the real estate market, Sissy has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA TODAY, Market Watch, and has authored three books. With her accessible writing style and easy wit, she demystifies the real estate industry, and offers a unique, insider’s view of how the buying and selling process really works.  Price said, “Lappin knows this industry like few others and one of her primary goals is to make all of our readers experts in their own right when it comes to Real Estate.”

Since the start of her Real Estate career in the 1980’s, Sissy has experienced two recessions, two bubbles, and has negotiated over a half a billion dollars in real estate deals across the country. Now, her boutique firm, Lappin Properties, is recognized as one of the most successful independent brokers in the country, and #1 in most expensive homes sold by the Houston Business Journal.  There should be no confusion why USDR wanted her on its team.

How Big is Lappin Properties?

The answer is “just Sissy.” The 80’s taught us about big business, big homes, big cars, and big hair (of course, the “big” philosophy is also a product of Texas living). Well, She can flaunt a few things that are bigger than the mega firms.

She has a 90% referral rate, which is nearly 5 times the industry average.  That’s a big statistic that says a lot more than the size of her office.

Sissy delivers exceptional, one–to-one personal service and she does it all from one desk, with one laptop.  She believes in getting things done in a timely and cost effective way. Consider it her mantra.

Those areas that have made her so successful in Real Estate will serve her well as our Prestige Properties Editor.

In addition to providing content at US Daily Review, Lappin will be a frequent guest on The Price of Business show on  Bloomberg’s home in Houston, TX. On the program she will keep the audience up to date on important market trends.

Check out a recent interview between Kevin Price of the Price of Business and Sissy Lappin.

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