Millennials and Smartphones: Surprising Study Reveals Weird Habits

By Coupofy, Special for  USDR

Some millennials are so addicted to checking their smartphones that they do so on the toilet and right after sex, according to a new study by Coupofy of millennial smartphone  habits.

The research which utilized QuestionPro to survey over 2,000 young people in the US, revealed that 43% cannot even go to the restroom without their trusty digital companion by their side. Meanwhile, one in three chooses to get out their swiping finger after making love, instead of spooning or lighting a cigarette, or whatever else might be deemed traditional post-sex  behavior.

Although at first glance both of these habits might seem like just another sign of society’s technologically induced degradation, others argue that there’s nothing new about occupying oneself after both very different forms of  relief.

“Hygiene arguments aside, we all know that one of America’s favorite restroom pastimes has typically been reading the newspaper or a book,” says Coupofy’s CEO Harsha Kiran Reddy. “When Hank finally came to the realization that Walt was meth kingpin Heisenberg on Breaking Bad, he was reading Walt Whitman on the can. If he was younger and the show was filmed a little bit later, he may have been swiping through Facebook on his smartphone and perhaps Walt would have gotten away with his  crimes.”

Likewise, we might want to believe that we’d never do something as shallow as check our phones right after sex, but traditional post-coital habits include everything from smoking and eating to falling straight  asleep.

Perhaps most shocking is that a smaller percentage of millennials check their phones during sex itself, with twice as many men doing so than women. It’s long been known that men often seek out other rewarding behaviors after sex to keep the high going, but using a phone in the middle of the act seems to be a modern  habit.

Coupofy’s research looks at a comprehensive range of millennial smartphone behaviors and perceptions, including romance and sex, mobile shopping, social media and news consumption, and how habitual smartphone use can impact mental health. An equal number of men and women were surveyed, and different segments within the millennial marker (birthdates between 1980 and 2000) were also looked  at.

“The 2016 Smartphone User Behaviour Study: Millennials and Their Smartphone Habits” is available in full  today.

SOURCE  Coupofy

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