Mistakes to Avoid During a Divorce Proceeding

Divorce proceedings can be messy – the potential for powerful emotions to complicate proceedings is high when former life partners are ending their marriage due to difficulties or incompatibility. If you are filing for a divorce, you need to be thoroughly prepared for the process on a personal level. It could be a lengthy procedure that will likely cause emotional stress. You want to come out on top of this divorce and not lose the things or people you cherish. Here are some of the pitfalls to avoid throughout the proceedings.

Assuming that your partner will be fair


Just because you were once in a relationship with that person does not mean they will treat you with respect or play fair. Some people are lucky enough to have amicable divorces, but more often than not, once divorce proceedings start, the dynamic shifts and your partner may well start to see you as the enemy. Although it is essential to try and work with each other during the case, you need to be prepared for a battle.

Not protecting yourself


The moment you sense that your partner intends to file for a divorce, you need to start protecting yourself. Make a digital copy of all financial documents and transactions. From bank accounts to credit card statements, you need to save all of them. Do not forget a copy of the income taxes, joint account statements, credit reports, and insurance statements. You might also want to open a new account in your own name. Make sure this account has enough funds to support you for the at least 90 days. This will typically be the time it takes for you to appear in court.

It also helps if you start looking for a lawyer immediately. You need someone with a great track record, but also someone you can trust and feel comfortable with since this is such an emotional and personal process. Locality is important as travel and expenses will be billable. If you live in Hammersmith for example, stick to Hammersmith divorce lawyers when searching for someone to represent you.

Choosing the wrong asset


Some people assume that keeping the house is the best option for them. The problem is that you cannot buy anything with home equity. Depending on your financial status, you need to claim what you think will be best for you. Again, you need to consult your divorce lawyer to establish what you deserve and what will serve you best long term.

Going through litigation of all issues


You need to be smart in determining what to litigate. It is a costly process that is unnecessary at times. For instance, you might feel strongly that a specific item should go to you, but if the value of it isn’t proportionate to the attorney’s fees that you will incur, it would be counterintuitive to keep fighting for it. You should instead use your money to buy a replacement.

Declining mediation


Do not allow emotions to overwhelm your decision making processes. Sometimes, you can settle things through meditation. It is not as costly as going to court and often quickly resolves the issue. Even if you are hurt or angry, you should still find the easiest and most amicable way though this challenging time.

Going through a divorce is almost always difficult and unpleasant. You need to stay strong and do what is right for you and your family.

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