More Than 13.2 Million Americans Went Without Power Last Year

By Briggs & Stratton Corporation, Special for  USDR

It’s estimated that Mother Nature’s storms are the main culprit of the 3,571 reported power outages that impacted more than 13.2 million people nationwide last year1. Already in 2016, more than 34 percent of power outages have been due to weather, while equipment failure is the second leading cause for outages2. For Briggs & Stratton Corporation, the data reinforces an important role home preparedness can play in ensuring families endure a future power outage — or home emergency situation — safely and  comfortably.

“A power outage can leave families without electricity for hours or even days,” said Amanda Funk, marketing manager, Briggs & Stratton Standby Power. “This is a long time for families to be without heat, AC or the ability to cool a refrigerator. Not to mention not having the access to ‘luxuries’ we’ve all become accustomed to like WiFi and entertainment streaming  devices.”