Movie Corner: Hercules

by Candace Salima, Senior Contributor on US Daily Review

Movie: Hercules
Director: Brett Ratner
Starring: Dwayne Johnson, John Hurt
Rating/Runtime: PG-13 / 98 Minutes

Dwayne Johnson is powerful in the cinematic wonder that is 2014’s Hercules. The cinemaphotography is brilliant, the directing rock solid, and the acting is top notch.

We were very excited to see Dwayne Johnson’s version of Hercules. My birthday is tomorrow, so we decided this would be a great present for frugal people like ourselves. The movie opens with the stories of Hercules conquering: the Hyrdra, the Lion, the Boar, etc. Then we come to the present where we find Hercules has become a mercenary. His team consists of an Amazon, a Spartan, a Seer, and a survivor of Thebes. They go where they are hired, deal with the problems at hand, and move on. But now, now there is a task that could cost them their very lives.

MGM and Paramount, two giants in movie making, partnered in an undertaking the studios rarely venture into anymore, the production of a massive blockbuster. This time their money was wellspent. The sets are breathtaking, the cinemaphotography is brilliant, the directing is stellar, and Dwayne Johnson gave a heartfelt, powerful interpretation of the Greek demi-god Hercules. Truly, I haven’t seen a movie of this magnitude in quite awhile, so was it enjoyable? In a word, yes.

I was completely drawn into Hercules as he fights the demons within while fighting others’ battles. There are moments of heroism, betrayal and redemption. Crazy kings, crafty kings, heartbroken princesses and a hero-worshiping heir apparent. But the overwhelming message of the movie is to remember who you are and only in being true to yourself are you able to achieve greatness.

Although Hercules is rated PG-13 it is filled with violence through multiple battle scenes. It doesn’t matter that the guys dying more than deserve it, it is violent. There are innocents who die as well, and those are particularly difficult to see. So no one under 13 should see this movie and I question it even then. There is brief nudity that was wholly unnecessary, but this is Hollywood after all. With that being said, Hercules is true to the Greek mythology and tradition that surrounds his legend.

To be honest, every aspect of the movie completely drew me in. As the final scene faded I knew I would give Hercules 5 out of 5 stars, it is really that good. I also want to give kudos to Dwayne Johnson, I believe this is the best role he has ever played. Well done, Dwayne. Well done.

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