Need a Job? Holiday Season is Prime Opportunity for Job-Seekers

By CareerCast, Special for  USDR

The holiday season brings a temporary employment boost every autumn, and 2015 is no exception. In fact, the outlook for seasonal hiring this year is already favorable, says a new CareerCast report.  Whether you’re unemployed and seeking a full-time job or just looking to earn some extra spending money over the holidays, now is a good time to apply for one of the many seasonal jobs available. Jobs needed to meet the holiday rush include customer service representatives, parcel deliverers, retail sales and distribution warehouse  staff.

Many of’s best seasonal jobs are tied into traditional customer service and retail but restaurants also become busier as they meet the demand for office holiday parties and refuel  shoppers.

Retailers are expected to add about 755,000 jobs to their payrolls from October through December, according to Challenger, Gray & Christmas. Online retailer Amazon intends to hire 100,000 seasonal employees this year. While Americans increasingly shift their shopping focus to online distribution, traditional brick-and-mortar business still need extra hands at the holidays. Retail salespersons are always in demand this time of year. And, with Amazon, the largest online retailer bulking up for process of orders, people are needed to help handle the influx of  deliveries.

Parcel deliverer is a great holiday job with plenty of opportunities. Industry-leader UPS expects to hire 90,000 employees in the next two weeks. In line with Amazon, that’s an increase over recent years’  employment.

Retail and food service are obvious cornerstones of holiday employment, but this time of year is a boon for entertainers, as well. We all grew up with Santa Clauses at malls, department stores and pop-up outlets, but the traditional Santa Claus is just one in-demand performer at the holiday  season.

And, as many seasonal job-seekers pursue long-term employment at the end of the holiday season, part-time gigs can turn into more opportunities for the future.  But whether your goal in finding seasonal employment is a longer term deal, or just the chance to make some additional spending money, know what is expected of you up front.  Holiday jobs don’t always end on Dec 24. Many continue beyond throughout the return and price-cut  season.

The following are some of the best options for seasonal employment in  2015:

  • CHEF

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