New Book Helps Children Understand Natural Disasters


Meet Rosie. She is a survivor, who with her family of sea stars, learns to ride and survive the waves of a hurricane in the book “Rosie’s Song.”

“There are few things more frightening for a child than a natural disaster like a hurricane,” said the book’s author, Mary Kate Leming. “The world seemingly spins out of control and often lands upside-down.”

But the colorful and entertaining “Rosie’s Song,” with illustrations by Deborah LaFogg Docherty, offers parents a gentle opportunity to talk with their children about storms and the power of the ocean.

“‘Rosie’s Song’ was inspired by observing the pounding of the Atlantic Ocean waves during Hurricane Sandy and my concern for animal life beneath the sea during rough conditions,” said Leming. “It’s also a book about family love, wrapped up with a quiet message of ocean conservation and courage.”

The book follows the adventures of Rosie the Sea Star as she sets out to find her brothers, who she fears are lost in a storm. In “Rosie’s Song,” the happy life of a sea star among the coral reefs is threatened when a storm disrupts their home. But Rosie and her brothers persevere, singing their family song:

“Together we will float and sway
And should we ever swim away
We will never be alone
Since we are family,
we are home.”

The book has received praise from authors and critics alike.

“All in all, this was one of the best self-published picture books I’ve seen, and has a very kid-friendly vibe, with an eco-friendly (but not preachy) storyline that may help stimulate family discussions about pollution and the environment,” wrote Dr. Amitha Jagannath Knight, an award-winning children’s book author.

“Children will want to read this one over and over. Whee!” wrote Vicki McCash Brennan, former editor of South Florida Parenting magazine, mother of two, retired classroom teacher.

Copies of the book, at $20, are available at

About the authors:
Mary Kate Leming is a former musician and librarian who has dabbled in filmmaking, screenwriting and Web content development. After more than 20 years of gainful employment as a research manager and editor at daily newspapers, she now co-owns and edits The Coastal Star. This is her first published book.

Deborah LaFogg Docherty’s award-winning art combines her two great loves: nature and painting. Her favorite media are acrylics, oils and pastels (which were used for this book). Her paintings have been featured in museum shows, national and international art shows, books and magazines. This is the second children’s book she has illustrated. For more information about her art and events, please go to

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