New Book Provides Techniques for Overcoming “Any Crisis”

By US Daily Review Staff.

Crises take many forms. Fading marriages, sick children, and faltering parents; stagnant salaries and poor advancement prospects; troublesome medical test results; challenging mortgage payments; the mirage of a stable retirement are just a few of the vexing hurdles that cripple a person’s ability to perform.

Crises rip up families, short-circuit relationships, and disrupt companies. When you are distracted by personal and professional crises, you are less productive, deliver poor results, and suffer from health problems, which can keep you from your job.  The truth is, most of us are ill equipped to resolve crises effectively. The end result: Our happiness, our careers, and the organizations we work for suffer.

The Instant Survivor: Right ways to Respond When Things Go Wrong by America’s Crisis Advisor, Jim Moorhead, offers a simple, actionable process based on proven business practices that will enable managers to resolve personal and professional crises at any level of any organization and help their team members navigate rough waters.

In addition to detailing how to use crisis management plans and other business tools, Moorhead presents readers with personal stories of individual survivors. In-depth profiles of Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts, former Boston Red Sox manager Terry “Tito” Francona, and other well-known personalities, provide a fascinating exploration of what survival really means. Readers will find breakthrough solutions to professional and personal crises, as they become instant survivors.

Drawing from his decades of experience helping Fortune 500 companies and individuals survive crises, Moorhead has devised a process that will enable you to persevere through the crises in your life too.

“You will face a crisis at some point in your life,” says Moorhead. “With The Instant Survivor, you will react coolly and move past it. Without it, you will flounder and maybe lose the life you could have had. By adapting the tools and techniques of Fortune 500 companies, The Instant Survivor helps managers and employees confront and resolve crises – whatever they may be.”

Using these pragmatic tools combined with inspiring stories of survivors, The Instant Survivor will guide readers through the most difficult times and teaches a profound, yet simple 4 step plan to overcoming disasters:

  • STAY FROSTY: Remain calm and focused when a crisis begins
  • SECURE SUPPORT: Tap into your network of personal and professional contacts
  • STAND TALL: Take full responsibility for your actions
  • SAVE YOUR FUTURE: Prepare for post- crisis success

The Instant Survivor offers a positive alternative for companies and their employees,” adds Moorhead. “Use it like a road map that will show you how to avoid becoming crisis ‘roadkill’ on life’s highway. Learn how to stand up, avert most disasters, and resolve other crises that come your way. If you’re a supervisor or manager, equip yourself with strategies to mentor struggling coworkers. In the end, you’ll turn pain into profit by empowering yourself and others be more engaged and more productive and become ‘Instant Survivors’”.

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