New Book: We are All “Walking Data Generators”


We are all “walking data generators.”

We’re now living our lives online – community, entertainment, work, finances – everything we do is being mediated by technology and throwing off reams of data (big data) about our activity.  Smart companies are feeding this user-activity data into gamification systems which use data-driven motivational techniques to drive engagement, high-value activity, and loyalty.

LOYALTY 3.0: How to Revolutionize Customer and Employee Engagement with Big Data and Gamification (McGraw-Hill Professional; June, 2013; HC, $27.00) reveals how to combine this big data with the latest understanding of human motivation to power gamification – the data-driven motivational techniques used by game designers to stimulate engagement, participation, and activity.

Author Rajat Paharia literally pioneered the business use of big data.  He coined the term “gamification.”  His company Bunchball was the first social-gaming platform invited to partner with Facebook.  Perfectly marrying motivational psychology, technology, and game mechanics, his book is a veritable tour of the future, bringing you the building blocks that create powerful engagement platforms, and the companies.

LOYALTY 3.0 begins with a deep dive into the fundamental building blocks of loyalty and engagement, and offers case studies from companies like Ford, SAP, USA Network, Kraft, and Adobe are already using big data, motivation, and gamification.  These elements are combined to innovate around customer engagement, learning and skill development, and employee motivation.  The book wraps up with a step-by-step guide on how to plan, design, build, and optimize your own LOYALTY 3.0 program, and drive meaningful business results.

With this potent combination, businesses now have a powerful engine for creating true loyalty among their customers, employees, and partners, and for generating a sustainable competitive advantage in their markets.

The book concludes with a case study of the perfectly executed gamified experience as seen through the eyes of Laura, who just registered to attend ApCon 2015, an enormous convention with more than 36,000 attendees. The challenges of using gamification to make Laura feel like she’s part of a community and engaged are detailed here.  The calls to action before, during and after the convention, as well as the use of teams, missions, points, rewards, engagement, and collaboration illustrate how a smart gamified experience can create an incredible and meaningful connection.  Laura’s engagement in ApCon’s multi-layered game experiences serve to deepen her connection to the event and to other participants.

LOYALTY 3.0 will redefine how you think about loyalty, and will open your eyes to the power of data to engage and motivate anyone, anywhere.

Rajat Paharia coined the term “gamification” and widely regarded as a pioneer in the field of engagement and innovation.  He has been working to engage users since 1997 – first at Stanford University, then at the world-renowned design and innovation firm IDEO.

Currently he is the founder and Chief Product Officer at Bunchball, the company that created the gamification industry.  Bunchball has been spotlighted as a leading innovation company by Forbes, CNBC, Computerworld, Mashable, Marketing Sherpa, and many others.  Through Bunchball, Paharia’s talents have helped engage customers and motivate employees at a wide array of companies, including Toyota, Mattel, T-Mobile, Bravo, ESPN, Box Technologies, and Kimberly Clark.

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