New Kickstarter Like Program Launches for Potential Authors

By BookFuel, Special for  USDR

BookFuel, a company that provides professional self-publishing services to aspiring authors, announces the launch of to help authors publish with the help of sponsorships and other support by friends and family. provides a viable option to any writer who may have been intimidated by the effort required by other crowdsourcing sites or the expense of  self-publishing.

Authors participating in should have a goal of raising a minimum of $5,000. This covers not only the cost of publishing their book through BookFuel, but also the fulfillment of the finished book or other rewards, which the backers choose. BookFuel offers extra support by promoting their authors’ campaigns through BookFuel’s own social media channels – something other crowdfunders do not  offer.

“This is giving authors who want to professionally self-publish their material another option they didn’t have before,” said Bill Van Orsdelof BookFuel. “There are stories out there that deserve to be told and shared, and we’re helping authors do that with the involvement of the people in their lives who most want to help make that  happen.”

While other crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo allow authors to crowdfund their projects through separate publishing and writing sections, these sections are included in a plethora of other categories, making it difficult for writing projects to stand out. These other crowdfunding sources also don’t provide the social media exposure or the help planning for the costs of the reward fulfillment that does for aspiring  authors.

Van Orsdel explained that the idea for came about as a result of seeing authors struggle to cover the costs of self-publishing, which can typically amount to thousands of dollars when professional services such as cover design, editing, printing, distribution and marketing are taken into account. Many self-publishing companies also take a percentage of every book sold, which needlessly reduces the author’s  income.

Authors who use are charged a 5% platform fee if they apply their funds to publishing through BookFuel. If they decide to take the money raised and use it elsewhere, there is a 10% service fee. Any author who uses BookFuel, whether they use or not, keeps 100% of their rights and royalties for every book  sold.

“We wanted to make self-publishing even easier and more accessible to a greater number of people,” stressed Van Orsdel. “This furthers our mantra of eliminating the gate-keeper mentality pervasive in the publishing industry and giving authors the tools and resources they need to be in control of the work they are passionate  about.”

About  BookFuel
BookFuel was founded in 2011 to offer aspiring authors a self-publishing alternative that would allow them to keep all of the rights and royalties for every book they sell. The company’s subscription model delivers all of the services authors need to help them reach their publishing goals. BookFuel launched in 2016 to help authors crowdfund the cost of publishing their  book.

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