New Libya: Man Tortured to Death for ‘Drinking Alcohol Illegally’


man was beaten and tortured to death in custody after he had been arrested for “drinking alcohol illegally” in post-Qadhafi Libya, according to the State Department’s newly released report on human rights in that country.

According to the report, which focuses on the human rights situation in Libya in 2013, there were “27 deaths in custody during the year” that “were due to torture, 11 of which were in detention centers under the nominal authority of the government but effectively under the authority of armed brigades.”

“Reported abuses included beatings with belts, sticks, hoses, and rifles; administration of electric shocks; burns inflicted by boiling water, heated metal, or cigarettes; mock executions; suspension from metal bars; and rape,” said the report. “Abuses of detainees, particularly alleged Qadhafi loyalists and sub-Saharan Africans allegedly aligned with Qadhafi, similarly were reported at militia-run facilities throughout the country.

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