New Poll Show “Overwhelming” Support for Romney Among Investors

By US Daily Review Staff.

U.S. investors favor former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romneyover President Barack Obama by more than three to one, a new poll released today shows.

According to the first Independent Agenda Investor Class Poll, Gov. Romney would get 76% of investors’ votes, vs. 24% for the president, if the election were held today.

Gov. Romney also would win easily among this group if either Rep. Ron Paul or New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg ran independent campaigns for the presidency, the poll revealed.

The investors polled were divided about whom Gov. Romney should select as his vice-presidential running mate. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida topped the list, supported by 30%, followed closely by Rep. Paul Ryan with 28% and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie with 26%.

Some 53% of the respondents said they were registered Republicans, vs. 15% who were registered Democrats and 32% independents. 51% called themselves fiscal conservatives, 21% centrist or independent, 11% libertarian, 9% progressive, and 8% social conservatives.

The poll, conducted from Monday, April 9th, through early Monday, April 16th, got 1,295 responses from users, a 95% confidence level with a 2.72% margin of error. Two dedicated emails were sent out to’s audience of 65,000 investors and traders, and additional promotions were done on the site.

This will be the first of three Independent Agenda Investor Class Political Polls to be conducted through the presidential election campaign.

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