New Release: Flying Through Life Offers Business and Spiritual Advice


Can readers achieve better results in life without an overload of stress and effort? DeLaurentis, pilot, entrepreneur and author of the new book, Flying Thru Life: How to Grow Your Business and Relationships with Applied Spirituality | My Soulrific Journey to Abundance and Ease, says,  “Yes.”

“Success can be achieved in business and personal abundance without the pain,” DeLaurentis said. “It’s much easier and more pleasant and more profitable when you swim with the current instead of against  it.”

DeLaurentis added that he personally made a soul connection with Spirit that transformed his life. He was able to apply nineteen spiritual principles to his business and investments for a 300% increase in income and complete a record-breaking circumnavigation in his Piper Malibu Mirage plane. “If you are to make real changes in your life, you must practice certain spiritual principles,” he said. “We are all connected and when we learn how to leverage what’s already within us, life changes for the better and empowers us in ways that make what seemed impossible actually possible. We may encounter stress along the way but we’re equipped to deal with it with grace and  ease.”

Dr. Janet E. Lapp, Ph.D., CFI, psychologist, flight instructor, and head of Center for Leadership Development says, “Pilot Robert DeLaurentis shows us that no matter how turbulent our beginnings, we can soar with ease and handle life’s emergencies with calm and detachment. This book comes at a needed time. With his down-to-earth stories, the author gently steers us toward our center, our meaning. He relates personal experiences with which the readers can easily relate. The lessons he has learned: to live a life of service, and to live in a spirit of gratitude are appropriate and  needed.”

Robert DeLaurentis is a sought after author, speaker, pilot, and entrepreneur who brings encouragement and wisdom through his writings and talks. His website, Flying Thru Life, has quickly become a premier resource for private pilots and businesses and is recommended by clients at MMOPA, AirVentures, MOAA, and Big Bear Airport Pilots  Association.

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