New Startup Genie Could Be a Game Changer

By Genie, Special for  USDR

Let’s face it, in today’s world everyone is so busy they hardly have any time to themselves.Genie is a startup that allows you to get some of that time back to yourself. By simply texting Genie your request, you can get anything (providing it’s legal of course), anytime you want it, 24 hours a day, on- demand.

While competitors either charge outrageously high rates or offer a free version that sells your information and only allows you to talk to robots (no real humans), Genie takes a different stand. For just$19.99/month Genie allows you to make unlimited requests while working with actual account specialists (yes, humans) on the other  end.

Not only is Genie LESS than 65 cents a day, but they have also reported that over 96% of their users actually SAVE money using their service, as they have a highly trained staff dedicated to finding you the best deal  possible.

Find a recipe you like but don’t have time to run to the store? Send it to Genie and they’ll have all the ingredients sent directly to your house. Want to take a vacation to the nearest beach but on a budget? Let Genie know and they will find you the best deal for the top rated location. Need a dozen roses sent to your wife, 2 steaks, a bottle of fine wine, and tickets to the nearest show tonight? Genie has you  covered.

Ready to get your own personal genie to grant your every wish? Visit


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