New Startup Helps Monitor New Startup Trends to Predict Future Successes


Venture capitalists are placing big bets on digital payments and the Internet of Things, but are still scoping out plays for “gamification” and biometrics. The Consumer Goods and Media & Entertainment sectors are ripe for startups and investment activity and dominating media attention in these areas, according to the new KPMG Startup Trends  Index.

The index is a real-time analysis of news sources involving startups, incubators, venture capitalists and related technologies. It was launched today as a joint effort of KPMG LLP in the U.S., KPMG in the Netherlands, and Owlin, a real-time news alert  service.

To access the KPMG Startup Trends Index, visit

The index filters, analyzes and provides insights culled from more than 1.8 million news and social media sources. It reveals the new technology and business models startups are bringing to market, as well as key areas major investors are focusing on, what disruptive technologies are drawing their interest, and the volume of buzz generated by various industry  sectors.

“We’re providing a real-time snapshot of what is trending with investments in startups,” says Colleen Drummond, managing director of KPMG’s Innovation Lab. “By pairing innovative technology with our deep expertise in trends analysis and the investment landscape, we can help clients identify new competitors and changing customer expectations to solve emerging business problems and gain an edge in the  marketplace.”

“The KPMG Startup Trends Index is just one example of how the firm identifies and monitors market disruption to help clients with their strategies and the development of innovative service offerings in today’s dynamic environment,” says Mike Nolan, vice chair, Innovation & Enterprise Solutions at KPMG. He added, “Teaming with forward-thinking organizations like Owlin enables KPMG to enhance and accelerate  innovation.”

Combining Owlin’s proprietary algorithms with KPMG’s market insights, the index continuously updates and tracks patterns from public news sources (press releases, annual reports, magazines, forums, newspapers, news wires, etc.) and social media for a period of 200 days. The Owlin algorithm weighs the content based on timeliness and  relevance.

“The analysis is always provided in real-time because insights today can be old news tomorrow,” says Sjoerd Leemhuis, Owlin co-founder. “The index is another example of the many ways our algorithms and expertise can be channelled into specific  products.”

The KPMG Startup Trends Index builds on the success of the KPMG Technology Trends Index,, also jointly developed by Owlin and KPMG, and includes these advanced  features:

  • Scrolling ticker with headlines of top trending news stories
  • “Deals bar” that indicates “hot” industry sectors for startup news
  • Trends as a result of venture capital activity, color coded to reflect “buzz” level
  • List of companies that are actively investing and their areas of interest

“Owlin is one of several startups we’re working with to detect and decode signals in the market that may elevate over time into the next big thing,” says Sal Melilli, national audit industry leader of KPMG’s Private Markets group.  “Tracking what leading and emerging startups have in the works and distilling trends provides market intelligence that isn’t currently  available.”

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