New Tablet Designed to be Accessible to Disabled Children


Reggie and Anita live in a small community. Like many other families today, they are affected by obstacles to learning and reading: Their son T. is a very smart very capable boy in Gr 3, but he struggles with making sense of words on a page.  While they appreciate the support they get from local sources, they are always looking for additional tools to help their son move  forward.

The Mortensen’s are among the first to utilize GeoBee!, the first in a new wave of fun and challenging ‘intelligent’ games from tech start-up, Vision Mechanic, Inc. They use GeoBee! to help T. build his visual and motor skills foundation for classroom learning. With 1 in 4 children struggling with vision problems that affect learning and development, it’s critical that parents have access to meaningful tools to help at  home.

GeoBee! is a tablet-based training game designed by a doctor of vision and learning rehabilitation. “It’s great to have a game that the kids like to play that helps in their development, and they didn’t even realize it!”, says Anita. Reggie adds: “It’s fun for adults too. We like how the difficulty progresses as you advance in the levels.” For T.’s part, he reports the game is really fun and the more you get in to it the more fun it  is.”

GeoBee! is the flagship game from VisionMechanic, Inc., a new tech tech company led by Dr. Charles Boulet whose clinical practice emphasizes vision and motor skills development in developmentally challenged children. The game itself is designed around tried and true therapeutic principles, but updated to take full advantage of the power and convenience of modern tablets. Children are able to get a lot more done in practice because of the game’s design, but also because gameplay is compelling and satisfying for children and it can be adapted to suit many needs, skill levels, and therapeutic purposes. You can read more of the science behind GeoBee! at

Immediate applications include training for common learning and motor skills problems that affect a growing number of early learners. Early trials have shown that even a few hours training with GeoBee! yields noticeable transfers to pencil and paper. “Intelligent” gaming means the game monitors performance and adjusts difficulty accordingly to maximize learning for that  player.

GeoBee! has many applications with a soon-to-be-released professional version, offering advanced play reporting and remote game modification so doctors and therapists can change clients’ challenges from anywhere on the Planet. VisionMechanic, Inc. is now planning field trials with GeoBee! where sponsored schools can implement the game for free on as many tablets as they  like.

Dr. Boulet is a former educator and IT specialist, turned doctor of optometry in vision development. “There is a tremendous need for vision support in school and in rehabilitation generally. The new wave of intelligent games provides just one more tool in the box to engage children in meaningful developmental pursuits.” Dr. Boulet also teaches school teachers and therapists how to use GeoBee!’s advanced play and reporting features to create meaningful training options that kids can take  home.

GeoBee! is priced fairly for families and schools, and a subscription service will provide a great many other benefits at affordable prices. This is the first of a number of future releases from Vision Mechanic,  Inc.

SOURCE VisionMechanic, Inc.

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