New Technology Allows Businesses to Estimate Costs of Projects

By Estimating Technology, Special for  USDR

Today Estimating Technology announces its launch and new website at The startup company aims to help engineers, designers, and estimators in reducing the price and time associated with cost estimation with database  templates.

The database templates come pre-populated with generic line item data, requiring the estimator to have only a minimal amount of experience and knowledge of the business or craft. The company has created templates for baseline databases, maxi data, mini data, linked baseline installation details, and baseline installation  drawings.

“Estimating Technology’s databases can be used for any craft, such as painting, plumbing, carpentry, and mechanical work as well as for any category, like automotive, hardware and lumber. It’s for just about anyone who has to give a client an estimate or budget cost,” said CEO and President Jerauld  Malin.

To estimate a cost, a craftsperson simply needs to update the baseline database, which in turn automatically updates any associated linked installation details with the new data. He or she can then build any detail, linked or not linked, into any database; build drawings with or without a Bill of Material; link to a vendor’s web catalog part number; and send the vendor line item data for a  quote.

Estimating Technology will be adding new databases every month. Currently in the works is estimating P&IDs by symbology. The company’s estimating symbology will be based on ISA standards and have no learning curve, meaning engineering assigns an installation detail and the estimator only has to count the symbols on any P&ID for the  estimate.

The company is also developing a database what will handle modular construction, such as offshore platforms, commercial construction, any modular yard construction, and  more.

“Bottom line: Estimating Technology saves time and saves money,” said  Malin.

To see how the company can assist you in estimating costs, please visit

About Estimating  Technology

Estimating Technology LLC was created to assist engineers, designers and estimators in reducing the time and cost required to produce estimating databases and linked installation details. The company offers a fast and secure way to build baseline company standard databases, installation details, and drawing references with no estimating experience required. Estimating Technology was created by Jerauld Malin, a senior instrument and electrical estimator with 52 years of  experience.

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