New Video Exposes Voter Fraud in North Carolina

By US Daily Review Staff.

During the state constitutional amendment referendum last week, election staff offered the chance to vote to what appeared to be a non-U.S. citizen. Poll workers declined suggestions by a Project Veritas Investigator that he retrieve his passport, making clear that he would be allowed to vote without any ID whatsoever.

Project Veritas investigated individuals who appeared on jury duty rolls as being exempted for not being U.S. citizens, but also appeared to be eligible to vote. It appears as if at least one individual either perjured himself on the Durham County Jury Excusal Form or is not a U.S. Citizen who is registered to vote. One registered voter, a Columbian named Willie Romerorefused to disclose his citizenship status to investigators.

The citizen journalist posing as Romero was wearing a costume, speaking Spanish and had a bandaged hand. Despite these absurdities, polling workers readily agreed to give the voting forms to the investigators and even to sign for them.

During a post-election party attended by Project Veritas activists, Durham County Election Judge Michael Williams said, “I MOSTLY support the constitution.” He went on to make comments about running over U.S. Supreme Court Justices.

Project Veritas Founder James O’Keefe issued a statement today calling for an investigation into the fraud in North Carolina, “These are egregious violations of the voting process. Allowing non-citizens to vote is a serious disenfranchisement to all Americans. The presentation of photo ID by voters is by no means an unreasonable requirement. We must present photo ID to drive, to fly, even to buy cough medicine, but not to vote?”

Addressing statements made by the Durham County Election Judge Michael Williams, O’Keefe said, “That an election official is only willing to MOSTLY support the state constitution in his official capacity is appalling. His statements about running over U.S. Supreme Court Justices certainly makes me question the vetting process for election personnel in North Carolina.”

“Eric Holder recently said that Project Veritas ‘manufactured’ voter fraud, that it wasn’t an issue,” stated O’Keefe. “Well, we think that this video is a conclusive refutation of that statement. We are hopeful that the Attorney General will now consider voter fraud to be a real issue, and take the necessary steps to protect our electoral process.”

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