New Way Students Can Reach Colleges Across the Country

By CollegeFindMe, Special for  USDR

As High School students across the country are heading back to school, they are discovering a new, innovative “first step” to the college search process. It’s called and it’s launching this month. After signing up on the web site, students starting their College application process complete an academic and personal profile that allows them to present to college admissions offices not just their test scores but a full picture of their talents and achievements. Providing a more comprehensive picture of who they are, gives students an important advantage that increases their possibility of finding and being admitted to the College of their  dreams.

“ was created to help students begin their college search,” explained CollegeFindMe CEO Christina Bai.  “The search for the “ideal” college is challenging for all students.  But for families with limited means as well as for students attending high schools that lack strong counseling resources the hurdles to a successful search often seem  insurmountable.”

In the college search and application period, all high school students planning to go to college need help at the same time, increasing the strain on the school’s guidance department. For this reason, school guidance counselors are frequently overwhelmed with growing student caseloads. Today, the national ratio of students to counselors is nearly 500 to 1. Furthermore, research from the federal Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, surprisingly showed that one in five high schools in the US has no school counselor on staff, a deficit that impacts most those families in greatest need of  help.

CollegeFindMe CEO Bai continued, “A US Department of Education school survey revealed that guidance counselors provide an average of 38 minutes of college search/ application advice per high school student – and that’s over a 4-year time frame. While some families are able to spend thousands of dollars on supplemental college guidance, that option is out of reach for most families.  CollegeFindMe is a revolutionary equalizing tool: it provides  all students  a free platform for the critical “first step” in their college search  process.”

College admissions officers from all across the US will be able to review students’ confidential profiles, mining their information looking for those students or demographics that best fit their admission criteria. With CollegeFindMe, colleges will have a direct channel to send applications, fee waivers, invitations to visit their campus, or scholarship offers to attractive candidates that they otherwise might never have  reached.

There is no cost for students to register and use  CollegeFindMe.

About  CollegeFindMe

CollegeFindMe is the first-step in a student’s college search  process.

Headquartered in Boston, CollegeFindMe is an interactive platform that facilitates the connection between college admissions and student applicants. Through this platform, a comprehensive picture of students and their credentials – not only their test scores – are presented to college admissions officers. In turn, admissions officers are able to search online a large pool of student candidates that meet their admission criteria, reducing the cost of student recruitment by as much as 90%.   For more information, please go to and follow @CollegeFindMe on  Twitter.

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