Next Gen of Contour Launches in Arizona

By Cox Communications, Special for  USDR

After the successful completion of customer and employee trials, today, Cox Communications announced the launch of the new Contour to its customers in Arizona. The new Contour is the latest version of Cox’s premier video product that offers Arizona customers a richer and game changing television experience.  In addition to the television, the cloud-based interface will be available on a new in-home mobile  app.

“We are always looking for ways to expand and enhance our video experience for our customers,” said John Wolfe, senior vice president and Southwest region manager, Cox Communications. “After extensive testing, we are confident that this new technology will take Contour to the next level.   Customers tell us the voice activated remote control, and the use of graphics and additional program information are a few of the favorite new  features.”

The new Contour offers customers new features including a user interface, predictive search, mobile apps and a voice-activated remote control.

On-screen guide  features:

  • An immersive user guide with rich graphics and images
  • Cover artwork and detailed title information for more than 35,000 On Demand choices
  • Predictive search returns network, title, genre or actor with a few letters
  • Access to TV apps for personalized sports, news, weather and traffic directly from your remote

Contour app features:

  • A second-screen personal video experience with the ability to stream live TV channels and free On Demand choices
  • Available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and PC/Mac Web browsers anywhere on your home Wi-Fi network

DVR features:

  • Records six shows at once
  • 2 terabytes of storage with capacity to store up to 300 hours of HD shows and 1,000 hours of SD shows
  • Start watching recorded program in one room, pause and resume in another room

Remote features:

  • RF-enabled remote with backlighting
  • Use the voice control remote to change channels, find shows, get recommendations and launch apps

In most cases, the new Contour will be similarly priced as customers’ current Contour service, but does require a professional installation. Customers in Arizona can order the new Contour starting now. For more information, click  here.

SOURCE Cox  Communications

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