NFL Accused of “Un-American” Activity


Not allowing tailgating at the biggest football game of the year is downright un-American, according to Bernie DiMeo, Founder/Owner of Hot Soports Grills, a Chicago-IL based cmpany that sells charcoal grills shaped as footballs, baseballs, golf and soccer balls.

Responding to the announcement Monday by the NFL that tailgating would be prohibited at the February 4th game at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey DiMeo said it was a ridiculous decision.  “They’re citing ‘safety issues’, seriously?” DiMeo said.  “Fifty million people tailgate each year in this country and to my knowledge safety has never been as issue.  It’s downright un-American not to be able to tailgate,” he said.

According to DiMeo tailgating is older than the NFL itself having started in college football at a Yale-Harvard game more than 100 years ago.  “The NFL must have a department full of people whose job description is to just find people enjoying themselves, and then restrict it,” DiMeo said.  In fact I used to belong to a group of people who had tickets for Bear’s games at Soldier Field.  We had eight people and four tickets.  We took turns each week going inside while the other four people stayed outside, watched on TV and grilled and drank.  But the NFL stopped that too so we gave up our tickets,” he said.

DiMeo is urging people to go to his website,, and protest the NFL’s decision.  “By the way, early February in New Jersey?  Could be a tad cold,” he said.  “A little tailgating might warm people up, but the NFL suits will be nice and toasty in their suites,” he said.

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