Obama in Denial

by Candace Salima, Senior Contributor on US Daily Review

Barack Obama, supposedly the most powerful man in the world, is playing a game of “if I ignore it, it will go away”. Let me explain. To the point of ridiculousness Obama is refusing to name terrorist organizations, rather calling them insurgents or radicals . . . but never what they are, which are Islamic jidhadists determined to destroy all who do not align themselves with them politically, religiously, and ridiculously attempting to establish a worldwide Muslim Caliphate. They are cutting a bloody swath through the Middle East eating the hearts of their enemies, crucifying Arab Christians, beheading anyone they feel like, selling women and girls into sex trafficking, raping at will any female of any age, kidnapping foreign aid workers, journalists, converting by the sword, etc. . . . in other words a demonic force driven by lust, hate and anti-religious fervor.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda, ISIS or ISOL, Taliban or Boko Haram, are just a few names of radical terrorists groups out there who have never left medieval times. While Christians moved on from the Crusades and became more civilized, Islam has never managed to do so. In America alone there are over thirty-five known Muslim jihadist terror camps, thriving without the Department of Justice appearing to do a single thing about them. The Mexican drug cartels are at our southern border and in bed with the terrorists. We have thousands crossing into our nation illegally on a daily basis, and they are not all trying to find a better life. Too many are criminals and terrorists waltzing back and forth across our porous southern border carrying out many criminal activities with the approval of the Obama Administration. It is a huge security risk for America, but Barack Obama refuses to secure our borders.

And just what is Barack Obama doing about all this? Preparing to watch the Super Bowl. Attending the funeral of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, dropping everything to do so. Ironically, Obama couldn’t drop everything to join forty world leaders and millions of French citizens in a march against terrorism, but he could do exactly that when Abdullah died. On the other hand, in a fit of insanity Obama traded five of the most dangerous terrorists we had at Gitmo for Bowe Bergdahl who is now being charged with desertion, and most likely treason. And what happened to those five dangerous terrorists Barack Obama turned loose? They jumped right back into the war and started killing with an abandon associated with out-of-control serial killers.

Fifty-six perfect of Americans believe Barack Obama is underplaying the threat of terrorism in the world today. Specifically, he is unwilling to identify them as Islamic terrorists, but they are. We are at war. Our soldiers have been fighting this war since 2001 and it does seem like the President has moved on from this war without acknowledging the remaining threat and soldiers fighting that battle. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if we would turn our military loose, stop with the ridiculous list of Rules of Engagement, and let them just fight the war, it would have been over by now. But Congress won’t stay out of it, and we are at war with an ideology that wants to see the eradication of all freedom and liberty, in other words, no opportunity for growth whatsoever.

Barack Obama is very dangerous to America right now. He continues to try and spend with abandon. Uses Executive Orders to “legislate” what he can’t get Congress to do. He has violated the trust the American people put him and violated his oath of office, nearly on on a daily basis. He has stopped pretending that he cares about any of our allies, and continues to ally himself with Muslim nations that sponsor terrorism. He cozies up to communists, i.e. Cuba, and is an object of ridicule for Vladimir Putin of Russia. He didn’t join the world in France, but later sent Secretary of State John Kerry who dragged James Taylor along sing “You’ve Got a Friend”. Instead of focusing on the dangers to the world and America, Barack Obama reportedly sent his election team to Israel to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu.

You just can’t make this stuff up. In the meantime, the cost to America for the mistake of voting Barack Obama into office continues to climb. We have 721 days left in the Obama presidency . . . here’s hoping America makes it through.

Candace E. Salima is an author, columnist, public speaker and political activist. A frequent radio guest on shows around the nation, she is valued for her viewpoint on a variety of subjects, particularly politics. Follow Candace on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Learn more about her on www.candacesalima.com.

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