Obamacare for Obama? Not Yet, Carney Says


The Obama administration is “working overtime” to make sure that everyone who wants health insurance by January first is able to get it, spokesman Jay Carney told reporters on Monday.

But what about the president himself — has he signed up for insurance yet? a reporter asked Carney at Monday’s briefing.

“I have no updates on that. The president will purchase insurance on the exchanges,” Carney replied.

“He doesn’t have to do it,” the reporter said.

“He doesn’t,” Carney agreed. “Obviously, it’s — the enrollment’s till March 31st. So when we have an update on it, we’ll provide it to you.”

Asked if the White House is “reasonably confident” that everyone who needs to get coverage by Jan. 1 will be able to get it, Carney said some uninsured Americans may not enroll until January or February or March.

“I don’t think the expectation was that every uninsured American would have insurance on January 1st, as welcome as that development would be,” he said.

People who want their coverage to begin on Jan. 1 must enroll by Dec. 23. Carney said the administration is acting “very aggressively” to “ensure that those who enrolled are in communication with their issuers, to make sure they know when their premiums are due, and that’s something that we’re trying to help facilitate. And you know, all I can tell you is that we’re doing everything we can to ensure that everyone who has enrolled and who pays his or her premium is aware of all the information they need to do that and is covered on January 1st.”

Although coverage won’t begin until people pay their premiums, Carney said the administration is “working with issuers, encouraging them to be flexible.”

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