Obamacare Levies New Tax on Employers

By Dr. Larry Kawa Special For USDR

President Obama seems to change the law based upon the mood of the day. Is it a green day? A red day? I just don’t know. I guess White House Press Secretary Jay Carney should add a section on President Obama’s mood ring during his daily briefing to the press.

In another typical Friday night news release, the Obama administration announced a new regulation/tax on employers. Employers who found healthcare under Obamacare to be too expensive to provide to their employees are now going to be forced to provide employee healthcare or face a stiff fine.

Many employers decided to give a cash contribution to their employees, often times in the amount that their health insurance used to cost before Obamacare. Employees would take that cash and then go on to the exchange and purchase individual insurance.

This is the system that Obamacare gave us. However, when the President found out that people were following it, and not getting fined, he decided that something needed to be done. Now employers are subject to a $100 per day ($36,500 per year) fine per employee who purchases health insurance from the individual exchanges.

Apparently, breaking the all-time record for government taxation isn’t enough for this president. He’s has our bread and now he wants the crumbs. Even when employers comply with Obamacare, he changes the rules so that they could not be in compliance with Obamacare.

That’s ultimately the problem with this law. The President is setting it up so that no one can be in compliance. He set up the employer mandate, then took it away. When employers place employees on the exchange like they are allowed to, he goes and makes that illegal.

A law should not be a moving target. Yet, this one is.

President Obama seems content to change Obamacare. I think that the American people are content to change the President.

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