October Jobs: The real ‘jobs report’ arrived Tuesday night


The chief executives of Job Creators Network say Tuesday night’s election was this week’s real ‘jobs report,’ showing Americans aren’t pleased with the slow pace of jobs growth over the last five years and want the concerns of America’s small entrepreneurs to become the nation’s political priority.

“Tuesday night showed these monthly unemployment announcements have long since failed to impress the American people,” said Ron Lazof, former CEO of Behr Processing and a member of Job Creators Network. “Americans trust small business people much more than Washington, and the jobs report they just sent in said ‘stop harming our biggest job creators.'”

This summer, Gallup conducted a survey regarding the level of trust Americans place in various institutions. It showed 62 percent trusted small business “a great deal” or “quite a lot,” second only to the military. Just 7 percent showed similar support for Congress.

“The regulations Washington has stacked on small businesses cost close to $11,000 per worker, and that was before the deeply flawed Affordable Care Act piled on even more,” noted Lazof.

A report from the U.S. Small Business Administration showed the average cost of federal regulations for small businesses in 2008 was $10,585 per employee. Based on 2012 IRS estimates, the annual new paperwork compliance burden from the Affordable Care Act will be nearly 80 million man hours – half of it landing on small businesses.

“The Affordable Care Act isn’t affordable and neither are these other regulations” concluded Lazof. “The job of the new Congress should be reforming health care reform, trimming the overgrown regulation state, and getting back on the side of America’s trusted entrepreneurs.”

The October jobs report, released this morning from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, showed 214,000 jobs created over the last month and an official unemployment rate of 5.8 percent.

Job Creators Network (JCN) is the voice of real job creators that has been missing from the debate on jobs and our economic crisis. JCN members talk about paychecks, not politics, helping the public and policymakers understand how to create jobs. For more information please visit www.JobCreatorsNetwork.com.

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