One Obamacare Under God with National Healthcare Enrollment for All

By Dr. Larry Kawa Special for USDR

There is a reason why we don’t want the federal government to have all of our health records. Whether it is massive security breaches like Ed Snowden and Wikileaks, or even worse, the use of our medical information against us, we don’t trust government to always act in our best interest. That’s why when Obamacare was designed Americans were supposed to register on a state run exchange, not a federally run exchange.

No one wants a federal database of everyone’s health insurance information. Sadly, according to Politico, that is what we are getting, national healthcare enrollment. As this system becomes more engrained into how Americans live their lives, we will never have the chance to right this entitlement that has gone so very wrong. We will have one Obamacare, under God, with rising premiums and long-lines for all.

It all started with the federally funded yet state-run exchanges which were ripe with fraud, most notably Cover Oregon, which is under investigation. The state-run exchanges were essentially setup to fail so that the states would eventually turn to the federally run exchange. At this point more than 35 states have signed up for the federally run exchange at, which itself is not the best functioning website ever created.

What we clearly have here is the precursors to the single payer system. President Obama is already on record as saying that he supports a single payer healthcare system. A single payer healthcare system would eliminate private insurance as we know it. As private insurance becomes more expensive, private companies will not be able to run a company at a profit. At that point, the government steps in and becomes the sole insurer, because it does not care whether it turns a profit or not. In fact, government is very good at losing money. We’ve lost more than $1 trillion on average for every year of President Obama’s presidency.

As we see this single payer plan come into fruition. I don’t want Republicans and conservatives to say “I told you so,” when it all goes wrong. We all should do something about it now, while we still can.

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