Overcoming Writers’ Block

If you have been struggling with writing and feeling like you’re stuck, you might consider these tips to break through writers’ block. Changing your point of view may help you come up with new ideas. Reading works by other writers can also help you break through writers block. In fact, reading other people’s work might actually inspire you to write. It’s possible to overcome writers block with these easy methods. If you are stuck writing, try implementing one of these tips today!

Changing your point of view

A common way to overcome writers block is by changing your point of view. As Hughes points out, changing your point of view can break mental blocks and help you gain new insight and perspective. You may find this helpful if you are stuck in a particular genre. However, if you are unsure about changing your point of view, it is still possible to write and re-write your work. Try it yourself!


While you might think of writing as something that you should spend a lot of time doing, it’s actually quite different in real life. In fact, there are several exercises you can do to help you overcome writers block. One of the most effective is to read. Not only will you get a better sense of the way a character will speak and act, but you will also be able to imagine the way that character would speak and feel.

Online gaming

It’s no secret that writer’s block can be frustrating and difficult to deal with, but online gaming is the perfect way to stimulate your brain while exercising your imagination. The brain is a creative outlet, so playing online games like chess or puzzles can help you overcome writer’s block. Try playing your favorite game as you write and set a timer to see how long it takes you to finish a new chapter.

Identifying your fears

Many writers struggle with identifying their fears and overcoming them. This fear can be crippling, keeping them from trying out new ideas or even making it as a writer. Identifying your fears is the first step in overcoming writers block. If you are able to recognize your fears and deal with them, you’ll be well on your way to writing. Here’s how to do it. Let’s face it: we’re all human and have fears. Writing is no different. Most writers are afraid of looking foolish or being judged. If you can admit that you’re afraid of writing, you’re half way there.

Identifying your story’s trajectory

One of the most effective ways to overcome writers block is to identify the cause. If you’re stuck on a certain scene, it could be that the character you’re writing about did something that doesn’t fit their character’s behavior. If that’s the case, try rewriting the scene or playing around with the different scenarios that occurred in previous scenes. If those methods fail, try typing through the resistance. Whatever you do, don’t quit. You’ve probably hit a wall in your story because you didn’t follow the correct trajectory. You need to be persistent and courageous to move past this block.

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