PeopleScout Launches Veteran Talent Exchange Platform To Match Military Veterans To Job Opportunities From Multiple Corporate Partners


PeopleScout, a leading Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) firm that partners with top companies to deliver high volume, high quality talent into a variety of jobs, has announced a new Veteran Talent Exchange Platform built specifically to facilitate the placement of U.S. military veterans into jobs that are well matched to their skills and interests.

Partnering with Walmart, Bank of America, Delta Air Lines and Covance; PeopleScout has created a unique system whereby veteran candidates who are actively seeking employment will gain a broader opportunity to be placed into the right position for them. Through most systems, when a candidate’s application does not ultimately result in employment, the process is over. The Veteran Talent Exchange Platform invites veterans whose application did not lead to employment with one company, to continue the process and potentially be matched to an appropriate position with one of the other talent exchange partners.  The opt-in process begins with an email invitation through which candidates who are military veterans can choose to add their profile to the exchange and gain access to additional companies’ job postings. Every candidate’s profile is handled with confidentiality and every candidate is provided with the privacy policy upfront before they add their professional profile to the exchange.

The talent exchange is dedicated to veterans because, overall, veterans experience unique challenges finding employment that is appropriately suited to their backgrounds and skill sets as they exit the military.   PeopleScout’s ongoing programs and expertise in veteran hiring initiatives will be leveraged to launch the exchange and support the corporate partners’ own veteran hiring initiatives.

“We know that as a rule, veterans offer highly valued skills to the employment marketplace, but that each person’s experience and goals are different,” commented Patrick Beharelle, CEO of Seaton which is PeopleScout’s parent company. “We are proud to partner with leading firms who are committed to joining in the effort to improve veterans’ job prospects.”

PeopleScout is an established leader on veteran hiring efforts, and has helped numerous clients establish formal veteran hiring programs and increase veteran hires.

“Earlier this year, we began our work with Walmart to put 100,000 veterans to work,” explained Allison Brigden, a Vice President at PeopleScout who leads the exchange. “The Talent Exchange is the next phase of an important initiative.”

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