Political Advertising: Cash First, Message Second

By Malcolm Out Loud, Contributor to US Daily Review.

There is no question that thus far, this election is going down as one for the record book! Certainly one of the most colorful campaigns that I can ever remember.

Romney’s cash got the job done for him: the White House is closer and closer on the horizon for Mitt Romney. He just won the Florida primary by a landslide, with 47% of votes, allowing him to grab all 50 delegates. Coming off a major defeat in South Carolina, no one initially expected this kind of a trouncing! In fact first time that the winner of South Carolina didn’t coast into Florida and win that state as well.

Mr. Romney outpaced former House Speaker Newt Gingrich even among conservatives and tea-party supporters and drew nearly even with him among evangelical Christians, according to surveys of voters leaving polling sites. keep in mind, those voters had gravitated to Romney’s opponents prior to Florida.

So it is clear that Mitt Romney is asserting his path to the republican nomination. With Donald Trump’s endorsement it looks like he is the inevitable republican nominee. To Gingrich supporters and those that believed Herman Cain or Michele Bachman had a chance I say: really? Why don’t we follow the money trail? Romney’s advertising spending is close to 6 times that of his rivals. It’s been proven time and again, it’s about frequency and reach. The more frequency you can afford, the more voters you can reach.

The 2012 race has proven thus far that message is secondary to the amount of advertising space a candidate can muster. We live in the age of Super Pacs, political action committees that can spend unlimited amounts to support a candidate. The old rules of campaign financing are out the window and there is no pretense of fairness anymore. You can now officially buy an election.

The pure tragedy of this race is that the candidates are spending the bulk of their time playing defense and targeting their opponents with negative distorted advertising. The fact of the matter is Americans are looking for solutions, thought provoking ideas and suggestions on how we can rein in the massive spending and growth of the United States Government! Something they’re clearly not getting from the candidates and their advertising! If a candidate spent their time and money discussing theREALissues, providing answers to the American people – and not get pulled into these bitter negative ad campaigns. Chances are their approval rating would skyrocket. Sure Gingrich said he was going to stay positive when he was in the corn fields of Iowa. But after he took a trouncing in the polls, he discovered that he had short term memory and jumped right in with the negative slanderous advertising!

The message thus far in the race to the White House:

It’s less about the substance of the message that candidates are delivering and more about how much space they can afford to buy and how effectively they can annoy people.

Listen, You might be able to win a campaign if your opponent outspends you, but it’s nearly impossible to win if you’re outspent nearly six-to-one.
This election is for sale to the highest bidder. That’s right: MONEY talks and you know what walks…

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