PolitiGuide Educates People on Upcoming Election

By Morgan James Publishing, Special for  USDR

Morgan James’s new release, PolitiGuide 2016: A Simple and Neutral Summary of the Most Important Issues in the 2016 Presidential Election by Julian Rudolph and Kyle Hackel, gives voters a concise and unbiased look at the political issues of the 2016  election.

Between biased media sources, misleading articles, and opinion-based social media posts, it’s hard to get the facts surrounding the 2016 Presidential election. Inspired by the amount of unfounded misinformation they saw in the 2012 election, Julian Rudolph andKyle Hackel have compiled an accessible, efficient, and impartial source for all the relevant election  information.

PolitiGuide 2016 summarizes the Republican and Democratic parties’ most common viewpoints on each political issue in the upcoming presidential election. Offering a simplified, to the point, reliable source of facts and information, the book helps readers of all ages and backgrounds become more familiar with American politics and more confident in their  voting.

Hackel and Rudolph address all the major political issues of today, from abortion to global warming, healthcare to marijuana, and more. The neutral standpoint allows for appeal to both Republicans and Democrats, and allows both parties to understand more firmly where their own party and the opposing party stands. Paving the way for voters to feel empowered and enlightened, PolitiGuide 2016: A Simple and Neutral Summary of the Most Important Issues in the 2016 Presidential Election opens the door for informed discussion and debate between friends and family members, creating an all around healthier political  environment.

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About the  Author:
Julian Rudolph and Kyle Hackel graduated from Rollins College in 2012 with degrees in Political Science. Julian, originally fromPittsburgh, went on to graduate from the University of Miami Law School of Law. Kyle, originally from Chicago, commissioned as an Officer in the United States Marine Corps and is pursuing his Masters of Business Administration at Clemson University. Through their shared interests in politics, Julian and Kyle developed the idea for PolitiGuide 2016.

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