Popular Housing Styles in Ghana

Ghana has many different options for housing, with different types being more prominent in different areas. Various factors will affect your choices, such as location, budget, size, and local amenities, and these can also inform your decision as to whether you decide to buy or rent. Here are just a few different types of popular housing styles that you might come across if you are looking at moving to the area.

 Single Rooms

A single room is a very popular option, as it is small and cost-effective. Usually, single rooms will be found in a compound house, with a mixture of other single room and chamber and hall options. There are two different types, a single room, and a single room self-contained. The main difference is that you would share bathroom and toilet facilities with other residents in a single room, whereas you would have private facilities in the self-contained option. If you are considering a single room for rent, they are affordable and compact, usually with a communal compound area, and are popular with people on a budget.


A flat or apartment is another popular option, as they are usually located in affluent areas and have communal features such as pools and gyms. An apartment is a good option for those who need a little more space and privacy but do not want a whole house. Renting a single room or an apartment is a common option for those who do not know their long-term plan and do not want to be tied into owning a house. Contracts are usually shorter when you rent, giving you more flexibility if you want to live in an area for a short period.

Chamber and Hall

This option is the next step up from a single room, and the difference is in a chamber and hall, there are two rooms, instead of the one in a single room. This gives a bit more space but still on a budget, and they are often found in compound houses alongside single rooms and single rooms self-contained. Usually, one room is a bedroom and the other a living room. There are two variants in the single room, and a chamber and hall self-contained provide the occupier with private bathroom facilities, making it similar to a one-bedroom apartment.


Detached, semi-detached, and self-contained houses are becoming increasingly popular. They are a common choice for families, as they provide a lot of room and privacy, and often outdoor areas. These types of houses are great for families or if you have a pet, and there are plenty of different size options to choose from so that you can find your perfect home. Furthermore, Toa House builds affordable housing out of plastic bottles, helping to reduce the impact on your wallet and on the planet! Owning a home can give you the ability to customize it and make it your own, as well as putting down roots and building your life in a certain area.


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