Poverty has Crossed Geo-economic and Racial Lines

By Carla Lee Johnston, Special for USDR

Did you know that today that the gap between the rich and poor is the widest it’s been in a century and our middle class is disappearing in that chasm? So what can we do to safeguard our families?

College diplomas, “titles” and impressive resumes do not necessarily guarantee job placement these days. How many of us know someone who is out of a job, lost their home and credit, or has been jobless for an extended period of time? The better question is: how many of us don’t?

We’re not getting the truth from our Global and Business Elite, particularly at the national level where our well-polished Hollywood like political scripts continue to espouse “change,” while ultimately our policy-makers rhetoric using high-dollar propaganda, costing billions of dollars (that could be supporting new stimulus programs) is deception, rather than true census and fact. This illusion is deliberately engineered to divert the middle-class and lower-class awareness with discussions of largely irrelevant social issues, while all the while turning a cold heart on their social and moral obligation, as Leaders, to address the very real economic and social well-being pandemic plight before us.

A 2013 paper by Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne, of the University of Oxford, argued that jobs are at high risk of being automated in 47% of the occupational categories into which work is customarily sorted. That includes accountancy, legal work, technical writing and a lot of other white-collar occupations. If you begin to stand above the issue to see the bigger picture, with automation estimated to replace and displace even more of our middle-class, I think this begs my continued question, when will we wake up and take responsibility as an individual to examine our own lives to ask, “When is enough, enough?” Ultimately, a society is formed by the collective tribal mindsets of individuals.

While many variables believe the heart of this very important issue, today, our current lifestyles are beyond our standards. This puts many duel income middle-class families on the teeter-totter of just one pink slip, foreclosure or catastrophic illness and medical bill to move someone into the ranks of “poverty.”

We are all impoverished because we are no longer valued as citizens. Our title has been downgraded to “sheeple” and “consumers.” What once made America a true leader and innovator was the dreamer entrepreneur spirit starting up small businesses, which has become more and more difficult to achieve because loans for start-ups are drying up opportunity, as big business continues to displace workers, and hope.

Addressing what our Government can do about it to me isn’t the question or going to get us to the solution. Our government has proven they aren’t willing to do much about it. So, since The People are the labor and economy, let’s not forget that WE hold the ultimate power, when unified. Choosing love, over our conditioned fear allows us to unify and collaborate, which accesses the power of the human heart to all reconstruct our lives, and world.

Our current “power-over” fear-based systems perpetuate separation, greed and ruthless competition which deny and repress the discovery of our own essential nature. Our hearts are being called to return to love and meaning, shattering the illusions of a false pseudo happiness that has led our world into all types of addictions… a craving for stimulus, a certain type of frenzy and underlying state of chaos.

When you’re living in fear for even the basic necessities of life for food and shelter, you are living from two different brain hemispheres making genuine happiness and a sense of well-being impossible. Ultimately, fear and poverty is kept alive in the heart of a man or woman imprisoned in a system without bars, only barcodes.

What’s it going to take to co-create a future worth choosing?

Let’s focus on what can be done today—the only moment we really ever have to begin to live aligned to our hearts purpose.

  • Examine your values, priorities and lifestyle. Living in a “job” that you really have no passion about isn’t living at all. Today’s supersized lifestyles erode the foundation of what it takes to build a sense of well-being in our own lives and relationships. We’ve become a society that lives in a programmed dreamstate of I’ll just be happy when: I get married, when I get this car, this new home, the bigger home, the bigger title, I get divorced, I get retired and downsize and so on.

  • Asking the big question, what truly matters to me? When we love what we do, nothing can stop the passion that lives within the human heart to thrive, to grow and become more, individually and collectively. Living in the question will open back up our hearts to listen and do a total virus sweep in our operating systems of values to redefine what is truly enough. What am I willing to do to reorganize my life’s desktop holding files that are bogging down my speed in excelling my life’s true purpose?

  • Stop spending beyond your means so you can re-prioritize what truly matters and then have the courage to address your relationships and remove all energy vampires in time, people and “things” that snuff out a quality of life that allows for more times of reflection and direction shifts.

  • Ask what would love do? Reprioritizing your real vs. perceived needs will free up more internal space to evolve, to grow and to build a life of meaning aligned to your real purpose in the world.

  • In order to create a meaningful life and live impassioned by what truly matters, we must create times of silence. We must make times for solitude and simplification to come to terms with our own identity, our own being, our essential nature, prior to, the many roles we’ve been conditioned into, adopted and release throughout this reality called life.

  • Each day, vigilantly guard your own heart and watch how many times you can get sucked down the rabbit hole of consumerism. Ask, is this something I really need or need to do? Most often, the answer is no.

With way to many “things,” with nearly 50% of Americans facing real needs, can’t we all ask what can I do to contribute to a future for our children’s grandchildren? As each of us live “enoughness” then poverty and this fear-based mutant matrix we’ve been enslaved into will be replaced with hope in our heart. Then, “in the blink of an eye,” we will have tipped the scale to begin living abundance rather than existing in poverty.

Source: http://www.oxfordmartin.ox.ac.uk/downloads/academic/The_Future_of_Employment.pdf

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