President Obama Succeeding at Insuring Those Already with Insurance

By Dr. Larry Kawa

Our beloved President, Barack Obama, apparently forgot to tell the American people the small print when he announced that over 2 million Americans are now insured because of Obamacare. As it turns out, 89 percent of all people who have signed up for health insurance on the monstrosity known as, already had health insurance.

According to the Wall Street Journal, respected management consulting firm McKinsey & Co. found that only 11 percent of Americans who bought healthcare insurance through were previously uninsured.

Only this administration can force an insurance company to cancel an individuals policy, then force that individual to buy health insurance from the government, and call it a success story.

When you hear that over 2 million Americans have signed up with and that the website is such a success, remember that the supermajority of those people already had health insurance. The administration is clearly grabbing for straws when it comes to good news.

That’s why they have waived their own law 15 times because as they are finding out what’s in this over 2500 page abomination, they are learning that this law has nothing but bad news written all over it.

President Obama is like a doctor who thinks he’s a hero for giving you the antidote to the poison that he just gave you. He’s trying to step in to help the American people like the good guy. Here are these complex federal laws, but when they don’t benefit the people he’s just going to waive them.

The reality is President Obama and his administration gave us the poison that is Obamacare in the first place.They have no clue what they are doing. They can barely setup a website, which hackers have testified is 100% unsafe before Congress, and can barely insured people who already had insurance.

It is estimated that over 5 million people have lost their health insurance because of Obamacare. That means that we’ve had a net loss of 3 million insured individuals in this country. When you look at it that way, that 2 million Americans insured number doesn’t look so good.

Combine that the lack of young people who have registered under Obamacare and the law is becoming an even bigger disaster. Total enrollment of 18 to 34 year olds was supposed to be over 45 percent in order for Obamacare to financially work, meaning that young people would have to heavily subsidize the system to pay for older adults. According to the administration 18 to 34 year olds are only 24 percent of total enrollment, placing American insurance premiums in serious danger of rising at alarming rates.

Our administration would rather us focus on a traffic jam and a bridge in New Jersey. They don’t want us to see that most Americans that had private insurance and signed up for Obamacare, ended up with medicaid. They don’t want us to see that it was the administration who forced the cancellation of insurance policies in the first place. They don’t want us to see the financial model behind Obamacare is collapsing as we speak setting the table for a disastrous increase in healthcare premiums for American families.

But I’m more of a glass is half full kind of guy. Good job Mr. President. We are so proud that you figured out a way to give health insurance to people who already had it. Now for your next great achievement you can help people lose their private jobs and then give them inferior government jobs instead. Oh wait a minute, you already doing that. Good job Mr. President. Good job.

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