Prevent Facebook Messenger from Sharing your Location

By Margaret Jules, Special for US Daily Review.

Although social networking hubs revolve around skimming through what’s happening with amigos or where exactly they’re intermingling, but ‘taking a gander’ without one’s go-ahead may not really sound a cool call – especially when your friend does not intend to share. In addition, if you happen to own an Android powered device or an iPhone (for that matter) with Facebook Messenger integrated, you would know what we are discussing.  Since Facebook Messenger app on mobile phones tends to send message recipients its users’ location by default, the matter has been gaining quite a lot of momentum.

However, the huge privacy concern can very much have the sting pulled out. However, like anything else, this would require you to tailgate a few taps – for your device to literally stop informing your message recipients about where you are. In order to cut the frills and get started, iOS users can simply open their device’s Settings – then head towards the Location Services and complete the process by easily turning ‘location’ off for Facebook Messenger.

Android users, on the other hand, can disable the location sharing feature in their Facebook Messenger Application itself. For which, they can seamlessly tap on their device’s Menu Icon, go to its Settings and head towards the Location Services (exactly the way for iOS users). Subsequent to which, users can uncheck the box that allows sharing of location spots from the application.

So basically, by disabling location sharing for Facebook Messenger, you will be making many things simpler (particularly when you do not want to share your location with people or someone in mind). At the same time, you will not really be compelled to turn off your app’s location sharing every time you enter a conversation with your friends.

Although the integrated function enables users to effortlessly share their places or hangout spots with their closed ones, but Facebook Messenger Location Sharing feature may not always look snug as a bug in a rug for some of you. In fact, it may prickle or disturb one’s privacy – keeping in mind, not everything in Facebook that comes by a default system feels delightful and pleasant all the time. Well though the aforementioned procedure will enable you to turn off your location sharing function from Facebook Messenger with a true cinch, you can anytime think of changing your mind.

Therefore, in case if that happens and you feel like sharing your location with your contacts, you can simply follow the same process and enable ‘sharing’. Well, that will leave you with sharing your locations with your device’s message recipients once again. However, we will not really mind if you even settle upon toggling between the two options and keep changing your mind again and again.

Nonetheless, one can literally block Facebook from using their location altogether as well. So to put it a nutshell, whether you want to prevent Facebook Messenger from sharing your location with your contact list or feel like switching back to location sharing, there’s always a way. Just remember – the right instructions.

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