Price of Business Launches National TV Show

Nationally Syndicated Columnist, Award Winning Broadcast Journalist, Kevin Price, Launches TV Program

By the Price of Business, Media Partners of  USDR.

The Price of Business, which is the longest running business radio show in Houston, Texas has just become one of the fastest growing with its creation of a weekly edition of the show for the BizTV network.  Starting on January 3, 2016, a weekly edition of the Price of Business show will bring the same type of excellent content he has provided in Houston since 2001 to much of the rest of the nation.  The show will air Sundays at 11.30 AM  EST.

Nationally syndicated columnist (including the Huffington Post), multi award winning broadcast journalist, and public policy best selling author, Kevin Price, will do for television audiences what he has done on the radio for years.  “I’m delighted to be able to bring our show to 38 million plus homes every week and this includes some of the largest markets in the country — New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Philadelphia.”  In addition people will be able to watch the show live from anywhere thanks to BizTv’s partnership with Filmon.  Filmon is a media platform partner with several major networks, including BBC.

Guests on the Price of Business television show will include many who have been on his radio program, including best selling authors (such as Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame), major award winning actors and actresses (Ed Begly Jr.), dozens of Inc 5000 and Fortune 500 CEOs, some of the nation’s major political candidates (including presidential contenders Rand Paul and Ted Cruz) and some of the most innovative entrepreneurs on the planet.

In addition to the show itself, the program is supported by its media partner, the national news site and the official show site, The website of the Price of Business is managed by the firm Smith and Smith Digital Marketing.

Production for the Price of Business TV show is done with a partnership with Rob Eppolito of  VideoMojo is a leader in business video productions.

The show is enjoys public relation support from the prestigious PR firm of Goldman McCormick and Ryan McCormick.

The show is supported by an outstanding team including Brionna Muyco and Cindy Sharp (show scheduling and business operations), Shannon Dempsey (social media team leader), and many others.

Combined with a significant social media presence, a national news site (, Price’s nationally syndicated column, and a very well established radio show, the Price of Business TV show should have an immediate and lasting impact on business media.

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