Principal Confiscates American Flags from Student Vehicles in School Parking Lot – on 9/11

By  Kyle Olson, Special for USDR

woodruff high school

That move violated a school policy banning students from drawing an “unusual amount of attention to oneself.” reports:

The four students came to school on 9/11 with large American flags mounted on posts in their truck beds. [Principal Aaron] Fulmer removed the flags from their trucks and returned them at the end of the school day.

Fulmer wanted them removed from the students’ vehicles. He was just enforcing a “long-standing district policy,” he says.

“We all love America and support our country and our flag. We value our veterans, but we also understand that they fought for the First Amendment, and when we get into the First Amendment, we can’t discriminate,” District 4 superintendent Rallie Liston says, according to the paper.


WSPA reports the students were not punished.

Fulmer says he told the students, “I’m not mad at you. We’re not upset at you. I applaud your patriotism.”

The principal says the students can display the flag on their cars, in the form of a sticker.

After the incident, students held a protest, demanding the “zero tolerance” policy be changed.

News 13 reports students and their supporters posted a message on Facebook reading, “PLEASE COME OUT MONDAY MORNING AND STAND UP FOR OUR STUDENTS RIGHTS AND OUR RIGHTS! 7:50 a.m. Sidewalk in front of high school. Bring an American flag with you!!”

“Around a dozen people were seen driving by the front of the school flying flags on their vehicles.  A group of about 10 more people were seen standing on the sidewalk waving flags,” WSPA reports.

The principal says that school officials are meeting with student council this week to look into a possible policy revision, according to News 13.

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