Pro-Family Group Weighs In on Supremes’ Marriage Decision


“In today’s same-sex marriage decisions, a slim majority of the U.S. Supreme Court got it wrong in both cases. Nevertheless, the Court did not create the constitutional right, which the Left wanted, to same-sex marriage throughout the United States,” said Liberty Institute General Counsel Jeff Mateer. “Such a decision would have severely harmed the religious liberty rights of millions of Americans who hold to the traditional view of marriage as being between one man and one woman.

“The Prop. 8 decision is a loss for democracy and the citizens of California. Those citizens should have recourse to defend the laws that they passed. In the DOMA ruling, The Court’s understanding of federalism misses the mark. The federal government has the right to define the terms used in federal law.”

Liberty Institute President/CEO Kelly Shackelford said, “As result of today’s decisions, the debate about marriage will go on in the 50 states. These battles will have major implications for the religious liberty rights of millions of Americans who hold to the traditional view of marriage. Liberty Institute stands prepared to defend the deep religious beliefs Americans hold about the sanctity of the marriage covenant.”

Meanwhile, former presidential candidate Gary Bauer called today’s Supreme Court rulings on the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8 “an overreach of judicial authority” and warned that efforts to “rip America from its Judeo-Christian foundation” would only intensify.

The president of American Values made the following statement:

“The Supreme Court today struck down a portion of the Defense of Marriage Act that prohibits federal benefits from being awarded to same-sex couples only in states that permit same-sex marriage.  I agree with Justice Scalia and the dissent that this was an overreach of the court’s authority, striking down an overwhelming vote of Congress and the signature of a Democratic president.  It hastens the day when same-sex marriage will be forced on the American people.

“Fortunately that day is not today.  It must be recognized that the forces demanding a radical redefinition of marriage were not able to find five votes on the court willing to assert another non-existent constitutional right.  The justices resisted that temptation, and effectively punted Proposition 8 on a technicality.”

Bauer continued, “Unfortunately this procedural decision does not help the people of California, who have twice voted for marriage in their state to remain the union of one man and one woman. The will of the people of California was thwarted by an unelected federal judge and by state officials who were derelict in their duty to defend the people’s judgment in Proposition 8.

“Today’s rulings are a compelling reminder that voters must not only take action to preserve normal marriage in their individual states, but also ensure that they elect governors and state legislators who will defend their values and appoint judges who honor the right of the people to do so as well.

“Make no mistake about it:  The legal battle over the definition of marriage is in reality a battle over whether America will be completely ripped away from its Judeo-Christian foundation.  While the media continue to act as if this is only about marriage rights, it is ultimately a battle over religious liberty.  Today’s rulings guarantee that it will continue to rage.”

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