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In what is being described as a freak accident by The New York Post, a 37-year-old woman has been killed by a piece of plywood flying through the air. (Woman Killed by Flying Plywood from NYC Construction Site,March 18, 2015). Tina Nguyen was reportedly walking down the street when a 4-foot-by-8-foot board sailed 50 feet across West 12th street after being ripped off a fence by a gust of wind and struck Ms. Nguyen so hard that it through her against a building, where she smashed her head on an FDNY stand pipe. Authorities said Ms. Nguyen suffered massive head trauma and was reported dead at Bellvue Hospital shortly after the  tragedy.

The Department of Buildings has issued a stop work order for the construction site and sent in inspectors. A DOB spokesperson issued a statement saying that it is the responsibility of the building owners and construction site managers to make sure their properties are safeguarded at all times. The site, operated by Turner Construction, will be a luxury condo complex, The Greenwich Lane. The property owners and Turner have been hit with several serious  violations.

“Construction sites are inherently dangerous, and when those responsible for operating them do not take the time to follow safety protocols, these can be the consequences,” said Adnan Munawar, Partner at Munawar & Andrews-Santillo LLP. “This young woman seemed to have such a promising future and it was literally swept away in an instant. Our hearts go out to her fiancé, friends, and family. While we wait and see what the investigation entails, we can only hope this can serve as a reminder to all construction site operators and building owners that they shouldn’t think twice about making sure their sites are as safe as  possible.”

“For anyone wondering what might happen next, it is generally the same as most other accidents. Victims of accidents and their loved ones in the case of fatal accidents are advised to seek the guidance of an expert right away. Especially in accidents such as these, there could be multiple parties responsible and knowing how to file claims against each is vital to an aggrieved party’s success. Building owners and construction managers have lawyers vigorously defending claims against then, and you should be equally prepared. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer is always free, and you only ever pay a fee when you collect, so there are hardly any barriers to hiring an attorney to help you get the compensation you  deserve.”

If you or a loved one has suffered and injury, medical condition, or worse, as a result of a construction accident in New York, you should contact a New York Construction Accident lawyer today at 212.400.4000 to receive information about the your rights under the law and how to pursue claims for the compensation you  deserve.

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