Puerto Rico Hopeful for the Coming Year

By Puerto Rico Tourism Company, Special for  USDR

Experiencing a 96% reduction in the number of new Zika cases since the peak in October 2016, the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC) is optimistic heading into 2017. Over the past ten weeks, there has been a markedly steady decline of reported new Zika cases, with new cases of Zika infection peaking at 5,317 for the week of October 7-14 but by the week of December 19-23 reported cases had decreased to a low of  222.

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC) launched an aggressive educational outreach program in February, activated to dissipate the fears and communicate the real facts about Zika. Collaborating with the Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Association as well as Meet Puerto Rico, the PRTC broke through the Zika hype with a compelling message and strong voice: Facts not Fear.  Communicating the reality that Zika was not growing nearly as rapidly as the CDC had projected, the PRTC worked to change the Zika conversation, and emphasize the reality that reported cases are a fraction of what was projected. Cases are now at about 1 percent of Puerto Rico’s 3.5 million population versus forecasts that 25% of Puerto Ricans would eventually have the virus by the end of the  year.

Source: Puerto Rico Department of Health