Radar Detector Apps: Tech that Takes the Boredom Out of Road Trips 

A road trip can either be an exciting adventure or a boring chore. Fortunately, modern technology has come to the rescue of drivers who find themselves suffering through long drives as they wait to get to their destinations. Frankly speaking, we all have uneventful and drab road trips every once in a while. But with modern apps, this should be a thing of the  past.
One way to make your journey more exciting is having the freedom to drive at a speed you like best. But this cannot be fun when you are worried that you could run into a police speed trap any time. That is where a radar and laser detector comes in. This gadget lets you drive faster and with more freedom while still avoiding trouble with the  police.

Besides, using higher average speeds can help you save some fuel, and reduce the time you spend on the road, which is part of the reason long drives get boring. Taking care of these concerns for drivers are two companies, which have come up with good state-of-the-art radar  detectors.

The first is Valentine One, a device by Valentine Research. The general assumption is that this is one of the best radar detectors on the market. This reputation is well-deserved – the company has been relentlessly working to improve the quality of its radar detectors using modern technology. At the moment, the radar detector offers a V1 connection tool that lets you link it to your Android or iOS mobile device using Bluetooth. Essentially, this process makes the Valentine One a powerful radar detector mobile app. Among other things, this app can be used to view signals, customize and even control the radar  detector.

Your other option is the PASSPORT iQ from Escort. This is a new radar detector, and also one of the best radar detectors in the word. It is also based on the latest technology as well. The gadget offers both radar and laser detection. It also comes with traffic information and a portable GPS system. The app lets you easily move from the radar detector mode to the navigation mode. But in any mode, you will be notified when you need to slow down in case a police speed trap is  detected.

But not all long trips are hundreds of miles long; and yet, you still need to make the journey fun and exciting. Fortunately, many modern cars come with radar and laser cruise control; a “set it and forget it” feature that allows you to set the speed the car is to maintain throughout the trip. Some cars with this technology include the 2017 Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the 2017 Chrysler  200.

Anyway, with this driving feature, you can set your speed at say 70 mph. When you approach slow-moving traffic, the car will automatically slow down and keep a safe distance. But once the road is clear, it will pick up speed up to the maximum preset speed of 70  mph.

Waze is another great app you can use. Currently owned by Google, the app can be a source of information about police, speed cameras, traffic, and accidents so that you cam make better decisions and avoid dull and tedious driving situations. You can also post about the conditions you are meeting on the road, and get points for  it.

Finally, there is a gadget that can help you get all these features so that road trips become more fun – a tablet. With a tablet that offers 4G connectivity, you will have in your hands an amazing navigation device, a screen on which you and other passengers can stay entertained, and a lot of information you need to have a more exciting trip. For instance, you can know when a gas station is coming up. You can also turn it into a WiFi hotspot so that all occupants can stay connected as you  travel.

Generally speaking, having a fun trip is entirely your responsibility. You have to do something to make your journey fun and memorable. With a radar detector and a tablet, you should have a happy and more exciting trip, however long it  is.

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