Real Online Jobs That Can Earn You the Freedom to Travel the World

Millions of people have dreams of traveling the world and experiencing cultures other than the ones they are used to. But traveling requires some financial muscles, and this is very limiting to a good number of people, and as such, they are never in a position to travel as much as they want. But with the advent of the internet and the growth of freelancing industry and online jobs, it has become easier than ever to create meaningful sources of income online and make the kind of money you need to become a digital nomad. Most of such ventures are not location-based and provided that you can have access to the internet, then you can always work and make money. Here is a look at some of the real online opportunities you can go after to make the money you need to make your traveling dreams come  true-:


Copywriting may not be the very best job in the world, but one with the potential to earn you the money and the freedom you need to travel the world after you go for passport renewal. With copywriting, all you need is a decent comprehension of languages, especially English since this is where you will get a bulk of the jobs. You don’t have to be born a writer for you to do this since there are courses and online guides you could use to teach yourself how to produce good  content.

You can also decide to pursue a specialty in copywriting such as writing SEO content for webmasters and SEO companies. If you are good and you have the dedication, you can make a lot of money and the get the freedom you need by helping people have a good copy on their websites. All you need is your skills and the internet and you can do it from any place in the  world.

Pay Per Click  Advertising

Businesses are constantly looking for digital marketing experts to help them generate leads and get more sales, and this is where you can come in as a digital advertiser specializing in pay per click ads. This is a rather technical and slightly complicated field shunned by many freelancers, but if you have knack to get it right with any form of pay per click advertising, then you will essentially have a ticket to financial freedom, and since it is not location based, you will also have the opportunity to travel as much as you want. Some of the forms of pay per click advertising that are hot at the moment include Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising. Let me add that businesses will be willing to remunerate you handsomely if you are in a position to help them make more money through pay per click  advertising.

Web  Designs

With the advent of the internet and the immense growth of e-commerce, almost every type of business, whether a product based or service based, require some presence online and the website is one of the best avenues of getting such presence. It implies that there is also an increase in demand for web developers and designers and if you could take your time to learn the skills and get the clients, nothing will stop you from getting the money and the freedom to travel the world after you get passport  renewal.

There are a huge number of web design platforms with ready to use professional themes which you can use to create nice looking websites in just a matter of minutes. So don’t be scared that you will have to be a fully-fledged programmer before you can start making websites and accumulating the money you need to fund your  travels.

Search Engine  Optimization

People use the search engines like Google every day to find products and services in the internet and businesses are in desperate need to have their websites ranked so that they can get free and targeted traffic from the searches. This is a skill that is in great demand and which if you take the time to learn, it can easily make you a lot of money. With search engine optimization, your duty is to optimize websites so that they can rank in the search engines and show up amongst the top results whenever relevant searches come through on the internet. It is one of the best ways a business can tap into the never-ending source of free traffic and this is why it is a hot skill to learn at the  moment.

Graphic  Design

Graphic design is another evergreen skill you can use to make money on the internet. There is a huge demand for quality graphics by a variety of ventures online. Companies need the right kinds of graphics for all sorts of marketing ventures and they are willing to pay handsomely if you can prove that you can produce for them eye-catching images that will make their products and services standout online. Just like the rest of the other skills, you will have to polis your design skills and there are lots of materials on the internet which can help you achieve  this.

App  Development

Mobile development is a huge thing currently, now that the use of mobile devices to access services online has surpassed the use of desktops to achieve the same. Businesses are in need of good app developers who will help them reach and connect better with their current and potential customers and if you can show that you are a good developer, then there is a lot of money waiting for you on the internet. So many jobs are posted daily on the freelancing sites and all these are monies waiting to be collected by the good developers. You can be one of them and get the freedom you need to travel the  world.

Affiliate  marketing

Affiliate marketing is known to create millionaires over a short period of time, and it is one of those ventures that will never fail you if you truly want a passive way to make money and travel the world. There will be some upfront work and maybe some investments you will make in the beginning, but once you start to reap the benefits, it will mostly passive and the money will be enough to give you the financial and time freedom you need to travel the world. But before you get into affiliate marketing, get yourself educated and if possible, find a mentor to shorten the learning curve to increase your chances of becoming successful  faster.

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